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Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

We have so much JUNK!

My project for this month (aside from sewing halloween costumes) is to get the house whipped into shape. (As stated in previous entries)
I'm getting things up off the floor, and throwing away junk that's just sort of sat around.
Since we're semi-toy collectors, we save the boxes for certain things. Like our Yoda furbie thing. It's the greatest thing ever. It's like a furbie.. but it's yoda. IT'S SO COOL!
Anyway... (We're guessing it's somewhat collectable, so we've got the box)
We also have the boxes for a lot of the statues we own. Habit, I suppose...
But we used to hang on to them all in the apartment.. so that when we moved, we'd have a way of getting them from point A to point B without breaking. I don't really want to move again. I really like this house. Is it the house we'll grow old in? I don't know. But I don't want to move. So I don't know if it's time to throw away some of those boxes or not. I'm one of those people who will hold on to things "Just in case" until they are so old and gross they are unusable. The boxes of crap I've been throwing away from the old house are rock solid proof of that.

But there are other things here.. When we "upgrade" our appliances and electronics, sometimes the old ones still work just fine, so we keep them in cabinets or somesuch. And there's nothing wrong with them.. so we don't want to throw them away.
Just an example:
~There's a monitor sitting underneath one of the pinball machines. I THINK it's broken, but I'm really not sure.
~old coffee maker we use to heat up water. Maybe I would be better off with a tea kettle?? XD Still, my mother in law likes to make coffee when she visits, so she uses it
~old cappuchino machine. I don't think I've ever seen it out of the box. Unfamiliar brand. We have a Krups esspresso machine now, though, so.. yeah...
~old shredder. We got a new awesome one that shreds credit cards, CDs, and small animals now. Don't need the old one anymore
~boxes for things that will probably never go in the box again. (PS2, rice cooker, etc)

Since I have problems throwing useful things away, I'm going to try giving some of it to my little brother XD (well, the more useful things like the shredder, at least)

Gah.. I'm finally getting tired. About freakin' time....

I can't wait for my dollfie to arrive. I'm getting a dollfie plus and some eyes (artistique) in the mail soon.. gotta make some clothes...


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