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Ye old laundry list of liquor

For the halloween party, I'm hoping to get liquor contributions from everyone to rebuild my poor bar. It hasn't quite been the same since it was demolished last year :P
Everyone planning on drinking has to contribute a bottle of somthing or other. Those not drinking can contribute sodas & juice for mixers& drinking and/or snacks. I still have plenty of plastic cups and paper plates, so I'm good there.

For the record, this is what I have right now:

~1 bottle midori melon
~1 huge bottle of bacardi superior
~1 bottle peachtree schnapps
~1 bottle butterscotch schnapps
~1 smallish bottle of Chambord
~1 bottle Absolute Vodka.. uh.. the blue one, I think.
~1 bottle bombay saphire gin.. about half full (leftover from last year. One of the only things that made it!)
~'bout 1/2 bottle of blue curaco
~1 nearly empty bottle of kahlua
~1 nearly empty bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme
~1 bottle of sambuca
~1 huge bottle of plum wine, most likely not for consumption

Things needed:

~Spiced rum
~more kahlua
~More bailey's
~Angostura bitters
~peppermint schnapps
~cinnamon schnapps
~sour apple schnapps
~bottle bacardi limon
~bottle of whiskey
~dukeyuper's island blue pucker schnapps (that really good blue shit Puu& I tried the other day...)
~triple sec ( dunno why, but last year the guys went crazy and drank it all )
~flavored vodka?
~more vodka& rum
~sour apple/green apple schnapps
~sour mix/and/or more lemon& lime juice

Also needed for the party- BEER -..-
To that I say: Bullshit. They're probably only saying that because I refuse to build the bar out of my own pocket again.

This list is definitely in-progress, but I just needed to write down what I could remember before I forgot it all entirely. I need to make sure I'm stocked up on the basics.. and that I have enough schnapps and sodas and juices for fun flavor combinations.


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