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These past few days have been nice

After my commission was sent out, all costuming stuff was pretty much taken care of for a while.
I'm still gearing up for halloween. Beleive it or not, though, my Magenta costume really isn't the main focus.
This past con season has been really hectic for me. With the crap going on at work and my cosplay deadlines, I've felt really stressed out. The state of the house has suffered because of that. My main goal for the Halloween party is to have the house spotless. I know it will just get messy again during the weekend of the party.. but not in the way it is now.
The thing is, there's junk all over the house.
When mom moved out of the house down south, she sent all of my old crap up with my brother. I've slowly gone through it, throwing away bits of my past life as a highschool student. Some of it's been tough, some of it's been easy. I have to do it slowly, though. Not just because I have problems throwing junk away, but because there's so much dust in there, it really aggrivates my allergies. So, I'll go through a box here and there and toss some stuff. Ultimately, I don't know how much I will end up keeping. A lot of it are things like old emails printed out for safekeeping (of people I haven't spoken to in a good 5 years. Don't need those anymore!) and other junk from highschool like that. I've had to reluctantly throw away some things like pastels and art supplies.

1) I don't like pastels and charcoals. I hate that dusty chalky feeling on my skin
2) I just really don't draw much anymore

So those are gone, too. Since I'm a packrat by nature, it's been tough trashing stuff. I'm the kind of person who might find 10 sheets of unused lined paper and think "omg.. that is so useful. Must save that for later" despite the fact that since I've graduated from college.. I've NEVER had a need for lined paper.

In any case.. I've been tackling that.
There's somthing else I really need to make some decisions on, but it's been tough.
I have a few old costumes I don't think I will wear again. I really can't bear to get rid of them, but I simply DO NOT have any more room for costumes. Especially costumes I don't think I'll wear anymore. One of my biggest problems is choosing bulky and complicated costumes. Things like Millenia, Yu~ki, and Machi have very bulky costume components that can't be easily stored. I mean, really.. wtf do I do with those Millenia peices??
So, I've been thinking about selling a few to open up some space....

Like my really silly Machi costume.
It was the image outfit for Fiancalles, and pretty much the image for the group's major label debut. I really love the goofy skirt, and the costume is exceptionally fruity. Machi loves to clash in as many different shades of red and pink as possible. I've really moved on to other J-rock costumes.. and I'm not sure how much longer I will be working on J-rock cosplay, so Iv'e been thinking about getting rid of it.
If anyone is interested in buying it, let me know. I'd be asking maybe 40 bucks for it, since it's a simple costume. I'd rather it went to a good home >..< It would include the really gay pink velour shirt I made.. the ruffly skirt, and the black shawl. I need to keep the hat, boas, and sandals,though, so those wouldn't be included. (Neither would the fishnet pantyhose I put on my arms, but you probably don't want those anyway)

Or may Sarasa costume. I've been going back and forth on that one. I didn't make it. It was made for my by my mother in law, back when I was still learning about sewing. I've been thinking about dragging it out and wearing it again.... but I'm not sure I will. I don't really want to get rid of it, though. It doesn't take up nearly as much room as the Machi skirt, so I will probably hang on to that one.

My princess buttercup dress... I've only worn it once, maybe twice... I gave the Kurei sash I wore with it to my brother when I gave him the Kurei costume. I think I might get it back from him, and make him a new sash that fits better.. but I'm really not sure when I would wear this dress again. It's a weird little dress. It was hard to make, and it's not put together as properly as it could have been, so I don't think anyone would want it...

Oh.. and I SERIOUSLY need to figure out what to do with those Silky shoulder pads. I've retired the costume and cut up EVERYTHING else for spare parts, but I'm stuck with the wig (which might be good for EGL if I finish painting up the exposed toilet paper roll parts) the crown (which has gone missing. I know it's here somewhere.. just don't know where) and those bulky shoulder peices. I mean.. wtf am I going to do with those? Lysariala suggested planters XD

So aside from the costume dithering, I've also been working on other things that really need to happen. Today I swept off most of the dead leaves on the deck, cleaned the kitchen some more, and I also took some windex to those huge patio windows. Since there's a sliding door, and two more panels of windows, it took a little while, but I think it looks better. It's been a long time since they'd been cleaned, and it's nice to have a crystal clear view of the deck.

So, new goals:

~~Clean up/off sewing table
~~Mail off more of Mako-chan's stuff to get that big monitor box off the floor and free up the guest room closet
~~Get everything up off the floor in the room with the pinball machines so I can clean/shine the floors in there
~~Vaccum the rugs and hallway
~~Clean the guest bathroom a little more diligently
~~Throw away some more of the empty boxes in pinball room
~~Throw away at least one more box of junk from the old house
~~Put away clutter in living room

That's pretty ambitious, but it's a nice day, so I think I'm going to get started on some more stuff. Besides, when I'm working in the house, I always love playing random CDs while I clean. I like the background noise, and it keeps me going.
OH!!! That reminds me!!! Last time I was thinking about getting some work done, I was really frustrated because my copy of the Cure's "Head on the Door" CD was still missing. (Push is one of my favorite songs EVER) I FOUND IT!!!!
IT's been missing for over a year now, but I found it!
You'll never guess where....
It was on one of the CD racks.
Don't say anything. It's the one I NEVER put any of my stuff on, because it's always full. I don't know how it got there, so I wasn't expecting it. At least I "have it back," now, though!

For those of you who arn't familiar with the song, you should really check it out. "Push" has an absolutely FANTASTIC intro. The guitar riff at the begginning is really... for lack of another word... magical. It puts you in a mood. I'm not really sure what that mood is, but it's not a bad one.
Go check it out! "Push" by the Cure


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