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I watched the LAST episode of Fullmetal Alchemist last night.
All I have to say is: ARGH
It wasn't the worst series ending I'd seen, but certainly not the best. You could tell they were really rushed to try and fit everything in within the deadline and episode count. This makes me kind of sad, because the pacing at the beginning of the series was good, and they tackled a lot of emotional issues that are kind of ignored at the end. There are a lot of loose ends, too.
But.. they're making a movie... so that should help.

In other news:
It's still raining, so the roof is still leaking.
I need to start sewing for Halloween.
Gotta get a hotel reservation for Ushi.
Gotta clean the house.
Gotta schedule to have the rest of my dental work done.
Gotta go to work. >..< Talk to you guys later. 2pm-10pm= ass


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