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New photos! Project finished! (nearly)

I have some completed costume photos now!
Actually, the costume isn't COMPLETE in the photos, if only for the fact there are a few parts on it that I haven't tacked down yet. I ran into paint issues >..<

Today was exciting, though...
My brother got stranded in Austin, it started raining really hard here in Waco, and we found out that our roof leaks now!
It really sucks. We've never had problems with the roof before, but now it's leaking in a segment where the past addition meets the original house. I spent more time today relaying phone calls and mopping up spills and moving buckets than anything else.
We'll have to get up on the roof and have a look around. The liner might need to be replaced again.

Anyway, now that this costume is officially finished, there are some things worth mentioning and/or repeating:

Easing sleeves sucks
Fusible interfacing sucks. (Rips way too easy, wtf)
Cutting fabric the way you are actually supposed to is a good idea. I'm only picky about the grain of fabric, etc when it's for someone else. I cheat when it's for me.
Buttonholes arn't that bad. This costume has a few. I'm proud of them :)
The lining I used isn't the really shiny kind.. I mean.. it's shiny, but it's more matte than the other stuff. It's really soft.
But, whatever the type, all lining sucks. XP
I love working with vinyl, but I hate trying to find a paint that works on it.
A male dressform would be really nice, but it's almost a contradiction of terms.
I hate how no matter how I pull and tug on the jacket, it won't look right in the photos, because the dressform has boobs, and the shoulders arn't broad enough.
S'ok, though. Akuma says the jacket fits around the shoulders really well. <3

Not much else to say other than I am looking forward to a break for a week or so before I start on Halloween stuff.

Oh yeah, photos!
Almost forgot.
They're the Fullmetal Alchemist Alex Louis Armstrong Finished photos 1-5
And here
And here again
and again
Once more

Just gotta attach the painted peices, and pack it in the box I've set aside. Ships tomorrow! Thoughts?


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