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Random afternoon ramblings about X

Ever notice that when VIZ decided to translate CLAMP's X manga, they renamed it X/1999? It made some sense to me, but I can't say I agree.... it's probably nessesary, though, because if they just called it X, everyone would get confused..I suppose....
I just got my copy of X #15 yesterday....if you don't like spoilers, or haven't gotten that far yet, you probably don't want to read below

Hokuto turned out to be an illusion in Kakyo's dreams. I was dissappointed, because I was hoping to find out what happened to her from Tokyo Babylon. Yuzuriha got a new spirit puppy! She named it Inuki again... (So creative >:P) just like the other one... It's kind of silly, because Inuki was a spirit dog... and inu=dog, and ki=spirit (usually)... that combined with the fact that Yuzuriha's surname is Nekoi (Neko=cat) make a ridiculously cute character. I like her... if everyone doesn't die in the end of X, I think it would be cute to see her get together with Kamui, granted he can get over Kotori's death. Damn.. Fuuma is turning into such an evil bastard now....he and Seishiro (Seichiro? ARgh.. I always get those two coonfused.. CLAMP has waaaay to many Sei{}iro characters) have been spending way too much time together... I hope they kill Fuuma off soon and get rid of the evil Hinoto >:{

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