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Wow... I haven't updated in a while, and everything's changed!

Wow.. the website's update screen is completely different o..O

So.... I went to the Dentist last week, and I had the usual 0814567037458123569823456735719023845 cavities... and a few spots I was supposed to have gotten taken care of last time have become a lot worse. I maxed out Mom's dental last time I went, so I waited for the year to roll over.. and then, well.. I got married.... so after I got on Akuma's insurance, I was able to get stuff taken care of again, and completely forgot. (Read: I hate the dentist, and would rather go see a gynecologist. But, that really doesn't help my teeth) So, I went back, scheduled an appointment, and I'm going to tapp Akuma's insurance this year, too. Thankfully, the year is almost over. This means, when insurance rolls over next year, I will get my wisdom teeth surgically removed. (drugs!)
I have quite a few cavities... but 2 possible root canals. Doesn't surprise me since those two teeth have been giving me pain. (Hence, trip to the dentist to get the rest of my work done)
At least they didn't scold me too much, and the fact that they said "Root Canal" ddn't surprise me at all. I hate how they say "POSSIBLE," though. I mean, come on. Either it is, or it isn't. Scoop that shit out so I will never feel pain again XD

Anyway... This past weekend, I hung out with Puu& Mizz. We had a lot of fun, and didn't do much of anything. :) I felt like I should have been doing somthing more exciting, since they came all the way up from Austin to visit us, but I think they had fun, so it's all good. Since I had company, I didn't spend any time online, so no updates from me :P

So, sorry for the delay on promised costume photos. The days leading up to the weekend have left me in PUCKER/EASE HELL. I hate suit sleeves. Let's just say I've been learning a LOT between gathering and easing. I think it would have gone better if I'd had someone around to show me the best way to do it. I think that ultimately, however, the whole easing issue explains EVERY problem Makoto& I have ever had about tiny armpits. The armpits on this one should be just fine XD
I learned that with easing, it gives the jacket shoulder a natural outward curve and shape.. which is very cool. If I look at what I did different between Izumi and this commission, I can see how I totally botched Izumi's jacket.. and I'm lucky it fits at all XD In any case.. Easing sleeves is a fucking pain in the ass. I can easily say I've spend approx 4 hours on just trying to get the sleeves right. The REAL directions on how to sew these types of sleeves read like "uhh.. baste it like 3 times and ghettofy it until it looks good."
Anyway, here's the requisite laundry list, and a few in progress photos from when I finally got the sleeves handled. More photos tonight if I remember to get around to it. Costume's almost done.

Pants: Double-check measurements, and then hem. Then pants are done! :D
Close up on skirt trim.

Skirt: Double-check measurements, hem, and add vinyl& last peices of trim. Then that's done :D
More complete back shot.
(Most of the trim is done. Just gotta do the two lines in the front after I check waist measurements)

Jacket: Double-check measurements, (see a pattern here??) sew interfacing& lining together (which will incorporate attaching the collar and all that crap.. all at once!), embroider tops and add trim.
Then that's done!
This is about the time I wish I had a male dress form... or at least a mannequin. Mine is way too small.. and has boobs.
(Jacket body is done save some tailoring. Same for lining. Collar is done, pins are done, braiding is done, still need cuffs and pockets, then I can toss it all together)

This looks like it's yet another bottom-to-top costume. Have I mentioned yet that I hate easing sleeves?? Glad it's almost done, though. Pattern drafting takes forever. I'm going to have to trim about 2 inches off the bottom of the jacket, and trim the retarded flappy part, too.
Ooops.. forgot to include the braid on the other photos.

Star Treck uniforms make more sense than this one does.

Anyway.. After I see it in photos, I'm much happier with the color. I was being really anal at the begginning of the project, worrying about getting the exact right color.
In the end, I couldn't get ANYTHING in the color I wanted, and I was really paranoid about carrying out my original plans of custom-dying fabric... because no matter how I do things, it always seems to end up streaky. I follow the directions, make sure the fabric is wetted, mix well, etcetc..
Anyway.. I didn't want to mess up 8 yards of fabric and have to buy it all over again just to get a different color anyway... So I ended up going with this wrinkle release cotton I found at Jo Ann's a while back. It was a little darker than I wanted, but in the photographs, with flash, it looks like nearly a perfect match with the anime color. (See my icon)

All in all, it's turned out really well, despite the setbacks. More tonight if I can remember. After the lining is in, and the trim goes on, it'll be nearly finished. Which is good, because it's going to be finished Thursday and ship on Friday D:

Edit: You know.. it just occurred to me that if I were to fabritac the sleeves onto the jacket first, that gooey marriage just might help me ease crap around before I actually baste things together.
You know.. I wish I had thought of that BEFORE I actually sewed everything on.


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