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Dentist tomorrow at 1pm
T..T I can hear the echoes of "32 root canals!" in my head T..T
Well.. my front incisors are fine, to my knowledge.. so maybe it would only be like... 24 T..T
Still.. I don't want to think about it. I just want at least the two worst teeth taken care of. Unfortunately, I have to go in for a cleaning& X-Ray tomorrow to determine how much MORE work needs to be done. Lovely.

Also- I got my glow sticks in today. For those of you who are confused-
About a week or so ago, I won an ebay auction for 200 glow sticks. The auction ended for .01 USD XD Shipping was 19.99 XD But still... 20 bucks for 200 glow sticks is really good. Anyway..
I started to open the package, and ants started pouring out. It was really disgusting. The glow sticks were in two cardboard tubes, sealed by plastic toppers, and tight plastic coverings. However, they were also closed in two mailers.. which were FILLED with ants. It was so utterly disgusting.. I tossed the whole thing in the trash and hosed it down with projectile-wasp-killer. That made the ants VERY unhappy. Then I took a pair of Iron Cosplay scissors and cut the first mailer open and slid the inside one out. More ants. So, I hosed those down, and cut open the inside mailer. More ants >..< But by this time, they were all very unhappy from wasp killer.. so I took out the bubble mailers the cardboard tubes were in, and squirted shitloads of the wasp killer in the trash bag. UGH!
But now.. I have 200 glow sticks. D:

I need to take costume pictures. My camera is dead XD I'm charging it up from the con, and I will try to get some maybe after work tonight. There have been a few measurements that seemed kinda wonky, so I adjusted them, and I'm hoping everything will still fit. I think I need to take the pants in one size, though.. which shouldn't be too hard because I haven't put the elastic in yet.
Last night, I was sitting on the floor watching the 4th Star Trek movie(CSI was over, and I was too lazy to change the channel) putzing around with patterns XD
I completely forgot to cut out my interfacing when I was cutting out everything else, so I have to go back and cut out the interfacing for the jacket. I also talked to Makoto about it. I wasn't sure if I should interface the sleeves or not. I was planning on doing the cuffs, collar, and main body of the jacket, but it occured to me that I might not be able to get the heavy feel of a military jacket in the sleeves if I didn't interface.. so I'm going to use this stuff I got from Jo Anne's and see what happens. It's really crisp, and it's fusable. I don't use fusable much, so it should be fun. More on costuming stuff later.

I am dreading the dentist appointment. I would dread checkups if it wern't for the fact that the hygenist is a hellbest. Then I would only dred getting work done.. but the dentist is really quite nice, and lets me listen to CDs while he drills XD I'm glad it was mostly painless, because last time I didn't bring a CD... and I would not have wanted to forever associate the whole of Eric Clapton's Timepeices with dental drilling. D:
Anyway... Back to the grindstone. I want to get some sewing in before work


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