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Not much going on now, so chew on my random thoughts

It's been well over a week since the con, and I'm back in the sewing groove again.
I've got a deadline for October I need to meet before I can think about Halloween.
Then, I've got Halloween. After that, Ushicon stuff.
Jan's henna is starting to fade, and I was sad about that.. but if I see her at another con, I'm definitely going to get it done again. Maybe a goldfish next time. :) I like goldfish (not the cracker... though those are good, too).. especially those Japanese ones with the big floofy/flowing tails.

Anyway... I've got to work a long day tomorrow, and I have to work Friday, too.

Every time I think the work schedule is settling down, it starts to get weird again.
If this continues through Nov, I'm not taking any more commissions until next year. I can't take jobs without knowing whether or not I'll have time to complete them to my satisfaction. I already know that November is going to be absolute hell, because Halo 2 comes out on the 9th. That's going to suck so bad.... Because our store has over 400 reserves for it. Holy crap.
That.. and it's leading right into Christmas sales, which also suck. Every time I think about the Halo release, I just want to quit. Madden 2005 drove me batty, and Halo's going to be 1000000X worse :P

Other than that(sewing and work), lately I've been playing Ragnarok online with a freind that lives in Paris. We have a guild in the game, and a lot of people in the guild are from Europe. The guys from France and Holland have very refreshing senses of humor. I really enjoy playing with those guys. :)
I've also been playing Phantom Brave. That game kicks ass.

Dad and I have been emailing each other back and forth over the past week. It's nice to stay in touch with family and just TALK about stuff. I get paranoid when I don't hear from anyone for months and months, and then suddenly they call. I'm not worried when they DON'T call, but we have enough accident-prone people in the family, I always feel like the next phone call is going to be news of some disaster.

I bought some Kirin Ichiban at HEB the other day. I saw it, next to some plum wine and sake and thought "WTF," so I bought some!
All beer tastes the same to me, unless it's Guiness. ALL OTHER BEERS ARE PISS! HAH! (Though, I am partial to Dos XX and Corona. Sweeter, I guess? I read on the internet the other day that Corona was really good if you popped a bottle open and filled it up to the top with Bacardi Limon. I tried it, and it was really good!)
HEB also had Gekkikan brand Sake and Plum wine. I really don't like the stuff from that brand, though. It's the stuff that's easiest to find anywhere you go, but I just don't like it. XP

Zoi has been mentioning somthing about dollfies.... makes me want one. XD

The end.


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