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Hastings Pisses me off

I went in to rent some stuff the other day.
I heard the Ladykillers was actually pretty good, so I wandered around to see if there were any copies on the shelf. There wern't, so I figured I'd look around and see if anything else struck my fancy.
Much to my surprise, they had a copy of the new Cremaster cycle DVD. I wasn't sure what all was included on the DVD, since I didn't know it was out, but it was somthing I've always been curious about. It looked very arsty and weird and interesting, so I decided to rent it. I noticed the disk looked like a two-disk set, but there really wasn't anything written on it.
I also decided to check out the Beating of the Christ by Mel Gibson. Coudln't hurt to see what all the hype was about.

I watched the Passion first. To keep things fair& keep me entertained, I had a beer& some bacardi Limon before I started...
And these are the truths I have learned:

Even when it is punctuated by violence and terminator music, you can make any movie boring as hell.
Jesus invented tables. No really. It says so in the movie, so it must be the truth.
Judas wasn't really that bad of a guy.
Neither were the Romans.
You can tell someone is evil if they have no eyebrows.
When you've decided to kill yourself, nothing is better for a laugh than a maggot ridded animal carcass.
You can take an amazing ammount of skin off a body before they fall over and croak.
Communion really is just as disgusting as I had previously thought.
WTF was with the "evil" pale chick without eyebrows?? WTF?? (Sorry, that wasn't a lesson. Just freaky)

I had a longer list of things that were probably more clever, but I think my brain tuned out somewhere between the part where they caught him, and the part where he died. (AKA-the whole movie)

There were some things that really bugged me about the movie, too...
Studies have SHOWN that you cannot hold the weight of a human body up on a cross by nailing the hands and feet. The hand bones can't support the body, and the body will fall, allowing the nails to rip through the hands. It is much more feasable that they nailed the wrists, between the radius and the ulna.

I thought Jesus was speared in the left side? So... is that stage left or what? In the movie, they skewered him pretty good on his right side.. but staring at him, it looks like the left. Nitpicky, I know, but it bugs me.

I really didn't think this movie was horribly anti-semetic. People were making it out to be the world's biggest "Hate the Jews!" movie. Now... I imagine if you know nothing about the bible, you could still see it that way. And really, if you think about it.. a lot of people don't know as much as they should.
Jesus was trying to reform the temple and reform the religion.. and that pissed off the currently established organized religion. With all the political crap going on, the people trusted the temple, and trusted the religious leaders to lead the people. If some nutjob comes up and says he's the son of God and starts stirring things up, the temple is going to want to get rid of him.
Now, looking back, people may try to blame Judiasm for killing Christ.. but if someone walks up to you today and claims to be the living son of God on Earth, what are you going to say? Phhht.

I'm glad that I watched it to see what all the fuss was about, but oh my god people. It's not even that great.

So then.. On to some art.

Or so I thought.

Goddamnit I hate Hastings sometimes.
Most of the crap I rent is foreign or artsy or whatever. And it's NEVER in the right spot. It's really tough because a lot of the disks I rent don't have a whole lot of text on them.
Compare: The disk I watched earlier today pretty much screamed "OMFG WATCH THIS JESUS DUDE GET BEATEN!!! PASSION!!!! PASSION!!!"
Whereas I lift up the case for the Cremaster series, note that there is a DVD behind it with a bunch of weird squiggly shit on it, and figure that must be it.
Because... you know...
The case is behind the DVD.
It's got weird squiggy artsy shit on it.

It's some lame-o garage band compilation disk. Not what I wanted to watch.
I really hate having to constantly go back and trade disks out. Usually they only have one copy of the crap I want to see, and it's usually always rented out.
I'm thinking about just dumping it off tomorrow. I feel like I have to go through so much crap to spend my 3 bucks on somthing I don't even want to see.
I'll take it back tomorrow and see what I can do, but I'm getting tired of this always happening. Before.. it was with that goddamned Taboo movie. Green disk. Says "Taboo" on it in a generic font. Sits behind Japanese movie case that says "Taboo" in generic font... but the movie was some fucking teen drama they put back in the wrong section.

So when I went to go rent this stuff, I bumped into my old manager, who is now assistant manager. Congrats to him! Very cool.
He asked me if I was interested in coming back and working at the store again. He said they needed people in the video department.


I politely declined, because if I went back, I'd be making less money, working more hours than I'd want, and I'd have to deal with THAT messed up section.
The last thing I need it to be surrounded by that crap all day. XP

All I wanted to do was watch my weird-ass artsy gonad movie tonight.


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