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I forgot what else I was going to say about Animefest!
Look, shiny!

I had a lot of fun judging the cosplay. I'm surprised they let me come back and do this two years in a row, mostly because I'm just a big dork.
I've been looking through the photos on fansview...
And I found a pic of someone with a cool Naruto costume.
I'm pretty sure the character's name is Kurenai
I was actually thinking about doing this costume in the past, too, so it was really cool seeing someone else do it.
I sat behind her at the MAX concert. She probably would have been kind of freaked out if she knew that while we were waiting for the concert, all I did was stare at her seams XD Nothing pervy, mind you. I was just really curious as to how she put it all together.

Here I am, yet again.. in all my dorky glory
I really liked how the Tsunade costume worked out... and this is despite the fact that the jacket fabric wasn't what I was going for. I also really hope to get my necklace in the mail soon. I'm going to contact the dude I commissioned it from again, though. He said he sent it via priority mail the Tues before the con.. and it really should have been here by now, so I'm a bit worried.
Oddly enough, I'm not as upset as I thought I would be when it didn't arrive in time for the con. Now I will just be happy if it comes in sometime soon and I can stop worrying about it.

Fansview also has some really great photos of the MAX concert.
The official goods after the concert were very expensive, but I bought a T-shirt. I was also able to get it autographed later.. and I told two of the 'na's about how MAX (as being my first Jpop band) has always had a special place in my heart. I really don't think they expected to have so many fans familiar with their music. In a away, this really gives US cons an advantage XD Why? Because if the bands don't expect anyone to know them, but come anyway... they'll be pleasantly surprised by all the people who don't understand Japanese but are *STILL SINGING ALONG*

For the girls- I need to have some girl chitchat with you two sometime soon. I know you're busy with NDK, but there are some funny stories I want to share that I can't post here. Also- there are a few photos up on the site that I haven't linked to my journal or the BBS yet.


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