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Uh... I'm back!

Back from Afest. This con was a lot of fun. Some crappy things happened, but all in all, everything went really well. We got back earlier today and I took a nap. (The hotel beds were really hard. It felt nice to rest in my own bed with my own pillows again)
Quick con recap!:

Panels: OMGWTF. My schedule was confusing, but there's no one in particular to blame about that. Just some misinformation on their part, and a lot of things I messed up on my own. In any case, The first costume panel went ok, the first Iron Cosplay was awesome, and the last two barely had any people XD But we had awesome prizes!

Freinds: Many of the people I wanted to hang out with wern't there. I still found some great people to just BS with and hang out with, so it was great.

Room Parties/Alcohol: The best ones were the ones hosted by Kamikaze con. Unfortunately, they got shut down way early on Sat, and wern't going to be around Sun. night. I couldn't find much anything else I wanted to go to, and rather regretted not having brought anything other than that bottle of Midori. Thanks to my instructions for N-kun, we did have some mixer sodas for a while, and most of the bottle is gone now. We were going to have some beers, but my brother forgot about them, and when we wanted to drink Sun. night, it was too late to get anything.

Cosplay: My necklace still hasn't come in yet, and there were a lot of things I forgot for this con! I forgot my lanyard.... and we forgot my staff for Yu~ki. Because of this, I wasn't really all that keen on putting multiple hours into makeup without a complete costume+prop. IT's ok, though.. because since the beds were kind of hard, and I had a lot of late partying and early panels, I felt sore and icky most of the time, and wouldn't have wanted a really complex costume.
The con was 4 days long, I planned on cosplaying on Fri, Sat, Sun... brought 5 costumes, wore 3. Things went well. Didn't wear ChaCha or Yu~ki.

And don't get me started on those wings. I have a costume mini-rant for some other time I feel like typing.

MAX concert: So awesome! It was a really high-energy performance. They played many many songs I knew, and I was really happy about that. They played Gimme Gimme Shake right away.. which is one I've always liked. They didn't play Tora, Tora, Tora, though, which made me kind of sad. But, the concert still kicked ass, and I still can't beleive I had a chance to see them live. If we'd been able to figure out where the concert line started, we probably would have lined up sooner, though XD We wern't in the very back, but we were towards the back. If I could have, I would have been up front and stood with the other people singing along. They had everything arranged for sitting room, though, so you couldn't exactly move up farther. Oh! And the MOST ANNOYING thing about.. well.. probably the entire con... XD.... was the fact that at the concert, they had these BRIGHT, EYEBALL SEARING LIGHTS pointed DIRECTLY AT THE AUDIENCE... and they'd flash them on or off randomly. I felt like I was being punished for somthing.. heh.
I was really surprised by the ammount of Japanese I understood at the concert. Mine has never been all that great, and it's been years since I was taking classes at Baylor, but I was able to translate a majority of the chit-chat in-between songs for N-kun.

I went to the MAX Q&A panel and the autograph session. I didn't ask a question. I was just enjoying hearing them talk about things. I waiting for the panel for maybe 45 min. I thought there would be a huge line, but it was free seating in main events, and I was the first there. They had the autograph session immediately afterwards, and I had my MAX pink MAXIMUM "best of" type CD collection with me. This is the one that I practically had pre-ordered when it came out late '99. I don't have first press or anything like that, but I got it very soon after it came out. Unfortunately, since one of the members left to have a baby and a family, I was told I couldn't have it autographed since it was an older item, and didn't have the new member, Aki on it. I can understand that, and it's cool, but I wish they had told me earlier than when they started lining everyone up >..< I had to run up to my room and get the shirt I bought at the concert and run back down so I could have it autographed.
Dude. I was like 3 feet away from them XD I know, I'm a dork.

Uh.. what else...

Hotel! : The hotel was freakin' awesome. Everyone was very helpful and polite. Despite being in the middle of downtown, we were able to find decent parking RIGHT AWAY and got checked in and settled in WITHOUT A HASSLE (Unlike some problems we had at A-kon) Everything was just super as far as the hotel goes.
We requested a mini fridge (that didn't make it) and we had elevator issues the first day.. and a rude bartender yesterday.. but those were tiny little things not even worth getting upset over. Everything else was just awesome.

I'll probably talk about more cosplay stuff later... or what I got in the dealer's room... XD (Mostly Fullmetal Alchemist stuff) but for now I just want to kick back some more and play Phantom Brave.

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