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03 September 2004 @ 06:30 pm
This is cool. I'm at the con right now. Since Akuma bought that new sony Vaio, we were able to get internet here for the weekend. This means I can do all sorts of stuff from right here in the hotel room!

All I really have to say, though, is that I am a little bit sad on the cosplay front, and very happy from the parking perspective.

My commissioned necklace did not get in on time. We left late this afternoon because I was waiting on the mail. I wanted to wait and see if my necklace had come in. We got Invader Zim vol.2 on DVD, but no necklace... and that put us on the road a bit late, but that's ok.
I can live with that, because in the more recent episodes of Naruto, Tsunade passes the necklace on to Naruto. (Unfortunately, I paid for a commission that was not able to make it in time. I will wear it for photos out on the deck, or maybe at Ushi.. or both)

Also- I forgot my Batz Maru lanyard!!!!!!! ARGH!
I can live with that, too, because it's just a lanyard.

What makes me REALLY sad, however, is that I do not have the staff for my Yu~ki costume. I have all the makeup, the wig, etcetc.. but not the really awesome staff I made. I asked Ray to touch it up for me before we left, so I could bring it along. He touched up the paint.. and left it at the house. >..< Since I don't have it, I'm thinking about skipping that costume for this weekend. The makeup takes a long time to put on, and I don't want to take photos with peices missing. It's not such a huge deal, but since the makeup is a pain, I almost don't want to go through the trouble T..T

I'l probably wear it anyway.

I'm waiting on N-kun, then I'm getting in costume.

I'm excited about the MAX costume tonight!!
Current Mood: dorkydorky
j_koei on September 4th, 2004 06:52 pm (UTC)
Heh, sounds like a blast, man :) And Zim Vol. 2? *seethes with jealousy, then wonders if he should've included that extra 'e' in seeth*
Have a great time for me, man :)