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So sleepy...

Ok... so we are going to get to the con a little later than we usually do.
I've been working straight on crap that I could have gotten done earlier.
I procrastinated....and stuff...
But anyway...
The reason why I'm ok with falling asleep now, waking up around noonish, and making it to the con later in the afternoon is because a peice of one of my costumes has not yet arrived in the mail.
I'm giving it until tomorrow. Hopefully, the mail will arrive around noonish. We gotta leave by 2pm for certain, though. I have a panel Fri night at 10pm. I'm not sure which one. It might be Iron Cosplay, might be the Cosplay round table.
In either event...
This is my pitiful last minute plea for help.
Cosplayers I know that will be at the con- Please! Show up at 10pm today! I don't know what panel it is, or what room it is in, but my panels all revolve around group participation. I honestly can't remember whom I have asked to help out, so to cover my bases.. if you are going to be at AF tomorrow at 10 pm, please look at a schedule and come to the panel- and plan to be there 5-10 min early so I don't freak out and have to make somthing up.

Yes, this is disorganized.
Yes, I have a bad memory.
Yes, I've probably asked those of you who will be there to help out already.

But yeah. For my peace of mind, please come help me >..<

As for costumes...
Haibane are done. (Still working out halo kinks on my Kuramori costume)
My little brother has caused a lot of greif by insisting his wings be done, but not doing a haibane costume. He's using CUSTOM ASH GREY HAIBANE WINGS to wander around the con in a toga and pretend to be the mental image of what Junpei imagines himself to look like were he a god. (From the anime Those Who Hunt Elves)
Funny, yes. But good lord!

I've been stressing out about seams, harnesses, props, makeup, repairs and LEAST OF ALL packing while he is hoping the hotel sheets are white so he can wrap himself in one! :P

Tsunade- as done as it can currently get. I'm waiting on her necklace. I really don't want to leave without it since it was shipped via priority mail earlier in the week, and SHOULD be arriving no later than today. I had this peice custom made, and I'd like to have the costume all together for the first wearing, you know?

Argh.. can't forget to make Tsunade tattoo...



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