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My life has been glue and feathers lately.
When I need breaks, I've been working on other sewing projects. Ex: Damn, it wouldn't do me much good to get all 5 sets of wings done and have no altered outfit for myself!
So, I made the main part of my dress out of some remnants of brown stretch pseudo-seude stuff. Sexy fabric! I love it. I need to find my slip and some other stuff before I can wear it, though. i didn't quite have enough fabric to make it exactly how I wanted, but it's very close. I also need to pick up some tan cording Sat. when I go to Jo Ann's.
I also need to finish my halo and figure out how to keep it on my head. I really wish it was clear plastic& lit up.. but I don't know how to manage that without the Halloween or Christmas stuff on the shelves in the ammount of time I have. It stinks.
Unfortunately, N-kun doesn't have his Hyoko clothing. The place he ordered his stuff from went out of business! Suckage!
You have no idea how hard it is to find a plain red hooded sweatshirt& plain red cap. Everything has some sort of logo on it. If I could even find it plain white, that'd be ok. I'd dye it myself. That's another reason why I'm shopping Sat. Hopefully between N-kun and myself, we can get the rest of these wings knocked out this weekend.
I've pretty much given up on having my Shiina costume ready, though. I don't know. The main body of the kimono is peiced together. The lining is sewed. I just need to put some lavendar thread in the machine and sew the lining to the main kimono.. and make the ninja gloves and boot covers. Then I have to make the bow. But the more I think about it, the less I think I'll be able to get it done in time with everything else. If everything else was done, or I knew I didn't have to complete all 5 pairs of wings, I might have time. It's frustrating. I will make this Shiina costume no matter what. It may just happen later.


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