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In-progress photos can be seen at paper-wings.org in the BBS.
Please register for the BBS! :O
I also need some advice on which emblem to use.
I made 2 orange circles with kanji on them (well, 3 but the first one really sucked). I made multiples so I could choose which one I liked best, and I wanted to poll you guys and see what you all thought.
That's on the BBS, too.

Yeah.. we need BBS members T..T

Notes on the Tsunade costume:

It's going to be super comfortable. I like it already. I was very happy that I could buy a set of capri pants one size lower than the jeans I normally wear. It makes you feel good.

The jacket pisses me off. It's also really comfortable.. wears great... photographs great.. but it's the wrong color.
At the fabric store... on the rack with everything else... it looked olive green.
Now it looks brown.
Unless you put it next to certain other colors... like brown... and then it looks olive green! D:
So... while I wanted a darker green for Tsunade's jacket, mine is off color XP
The best I can do is work with what I got.
The top is a little too short, but it still looks good. The capri pants are great.. but the color should be navy blue, not black. The obi thing will be fine. The jacket is off color. The shoes shouldn't be studded, and the wig should be a teensy bit longer.

However.. IMO, the costume looks good overall. It just has a lot of room for improvement if you want to be anal.
I'm amazingly not so stressed about being anal with my costumes anymore, and I think I'm having more fun with my hobby, so that also feels good. I know it's not 100% accurate, but I still think it will look good. :)



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