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I am tired, full, and feeling lazy.
I don't want to think aobut how I have to go to work tomorrow. I really don't.

A lot of exciting stuff happened this weekend, and it was a lot of fun.
I got to see some good freinds, and do some new things.. AND I bought 3 new bras :O I don't know why, but the new bra thing is just about as exciting as everything else... because I think I finally have 3 or so that are super comfortable and not itchy.. so I can wear comfy bras all the time without worrying too much about dirty sweaty bras. :O
(I also bought a pair of capri pants that will work for Tsunade... and they'll probably be what I wear for Izumi from now on. The work pants were great, but not as accurate. OMG I need to shave my legs! :O )

Thanks to N-kun, all of the chicken wire is done on the wing harnesses. Next step is covering them all in cotton batting and turkey body, then they'll be ready for pointers. I think my brother is visiting tonight, but I'm not certain. It sucks, because I have to work 1pm-10pm tomorrow, and then 3pm-10pm on Tues. I have Weds off, but I think that's when he's leaving... if he can make it.
But yeah. Weds off.. work Thurs ( I think 3pm-10pm?) then I get Friday off, and N-kun comes back to help with costumes again.. and then I have to work 6pm-10pm Sat.. which isn't bad at all. After that, I don't know.. but I've been just so happy to see N-kun lately. He really is a great guy, and fun to hang out with. I'm sad we can't hang out anymore like we used to. I have fun just going out to dinner with him and talking to him about stuff.
Puu likes to feel him up :O

So yeah.. this weekend was exciting! Puu and Miz were here, joined later by N-kun. Last night we all went out to a small bar and drank& played pool. I do enjoy going out and drinking with people. :) I suppose I sound like a little lush, since all my interesting stories come from when I'm a happy little drunk... but it's really not that way.. lol

I have a HUUUUUGE and awesome care package of japanese snacks. They're all well-hidden in my cupboard :D I want to try to forget about them so that I'm not tempted to just sit and pig out on hard-to-find candies. I left some of the cup jelly on the counter though.. because I'm out of room and I don't know where to put it. I hid the other two jugs though... mwahahaha

Puu and I had great girly time, and she taught me a lot more about makeup, and gave me some neat eyeliners to play with. She also got me hooked on this Caboodles shimmer stick. It's got shimmery powder and a huge poofy brush, and it smells nice.. so you just want to poof the stuff all over you.

And beleive it or not.. she got me hooked on MARY KATE AND ASHLEY OLSEN MAKEUP.
I know. It sounds absolutely disgusting.. but there are these really cool irredescent powder eyeshadows in lipgloss tubes that stick nicely, look really vibrant, and apply quickly. I bought a silver one, and some of the other colors she showed me. I think that I am now set on makeup for a long time.. lol. I haven't bought any new lip colors lately, but I'm happy with the ones I have.

I really thought I'd always be a bright red or dramatic red type person, but I find myself wearing a lot of pinks.. and I love lip gloss. I guess it's because I've never found a red enough, or dark/dramatic enough color that I like to wear.. or maybe it's because I don't want to admit that I like wearing pink glittery stuff. (Though, didn't I just admit it there?)

Anyway.. I don't know. Sooner or later, I will have to admit that I am getting hooked on makeup. I am a late makeup bloomer or somthing. The cool thing is, I have lots of new colors to play with.

I really can't express how much fun I've had these past few days. It was like a little vacation from all this work. I got to do some new things and hang out with people who have become some of my favorite freinds. It's a nice feeling to feel like someone accepts you faults and all and still treats you like you're fun to be with and cool to hang out with. All of my freinds are awesome, but there's somthing about Puu that makes me feel.. I dunno.. cool to be around or somthing. It's a very nice feeling :)

Now that I've been all sappy, I think I'm going to go work on wings and wait up for my brother.


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