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Cash, Check, or Kyo?

This is a good Gackt page: :P

And in other news:
Apres Missing no longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you have NO Idea how happy I am about this!!

Oh- and there's this hilarious live version of DeG's I'll- Did I post this here already? I thoguht it was very noteworthy...
DeG starts playing I'll, and all the fangirls start screaming. They probably all went to the concert to hear them play I'll. Damn fangirls.. heh
Anyways... right when Kyo is supposed to sing "I for you.." He screams BAKA!!! and they start screaming and playing a really heavy song. I was cracking up! I'll is one of my fav. songs.. but damn.. this made me laugh my ass off. I found it on Napster as "I'll/Zan live" I didn't think it was Zan, though.. maybe I have my songs mixed up in my head.. Well, if you're on napster, you HAVE to DL this.. It's great listening to Kyo screaming baka in the middle of their first single... ^..^


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