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In protest against work....my head hurts.
Long story short:
Last night, knowing that I would have all of today off, I consumed a great deal of alcohol, and went on a drunken iRO rampage that resulted in a lot of really funny screencaps I'm certain someone else(Frij) took.

It was all fun and games until I woke up today feeling like crap. My brother is right. Guiness gives you the worst hangover ever.

Anyway... that meant I didn't get my fabric shopping done today, because I slept a lot to keep from feeling nauseous.
But hey. It was my day off! I did whatever I wanted to, and it was great. I made myself absolutely sick, and I was miserable.. but I did it to myself, and it was better than being at work.

In any case.. I haven't heard any news from N-kun lately, so he may not be able to make it this weekend.
I also talked to my brother about having him visit a different day. He may be coming up Sunday instead of Friday and then staying until Tues... so he won't be here Sat at all.
That really would suit me perfectly fine. After all.. How am I supposed to spend any sort of time with 6 different people when they're all going to be here for a limited time?
Since my brother looks like he'll be coming up later, that leaves one less person to sleep on the floor.
Saturday is my next day off. With any luck, it will go well, and I won't have to wish I was sitting at home alone with a hangover instead. (IE- my situation this morning)


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