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Weird dream. Made it a short post for you.

I had a very odd dream that I was following a small pack of vampires around. We were hitting large museums and corporate holdings of relics looking for the true Trihismonance. Whatever that is. It looks like it's a made up word. But in my dream, it had somthing to do with the burial of a coffin filled with the blood soaked dirt beneath the cross.
All I remember thinking is that those Christian reliquary fanatics would save damn near anything.
I don't remember much else now that I've woken up, but I remembered it was important to remember that word... if I can be expected to do so much remembering upon waking.
If I wanted to break down the word, Tri obviously means 3... which could would make sense if you think of the whole triumvirate nature of the Christian God. etc etc blahblahblah.. God I'm tired. Wish I could still be in bed.. stayed up until 5 AM or so. Gotta go take a showe for work... anyway...
his... I dunno....
But there is a Monance Castle!
OK.. that's the end of my babbling. The dream was larger, longer, and quite interesting. Especially when the roman dude royally ticked me off and I broke his finger, and he made me house-sit. So I, with the 2 other dude I was with, exclaimed that were I male, I'd piss all over his house. (To which one of the other guys... who looked remarkably like Greggo von PenPen happily obligied, and I had a huge gigglefit while I was averting my eyes)
Of course, my brain was probably being really retarded and it might have meant "Try his Monance"
Last night was weird, mmmmkay?


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