HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face


Well... I ironed the HELL out of the rest of the skirt. It looks great XD
The day is saved! Don't tell anyone :P
The pleats would look a lot more crisp if I hadn't destroyed that huge FULL bottle of starch >..<

Anyway.. zipper, waistband, and buttons in today, and that project is done. Sew a bow, find a shirt, and that GTO commission is finished.

I went to Jo Ann's again today looking for white twill. Apparently, it's seasonal, and they don't really plan to stock it.
They had a list of stores that supposedly had some, so Toni was going to call around and see if she could scrounge up what I needed for my FMA commission. If I get it from them... you guys had better cross your fingers and pray the dye job comes out evenly, or I'm going to have issues finding more fabric >..


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