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Yeah. At least I'm warning you first. I stole this one from puu.

Life is quiet and boring right now, so I have nothing to post about.
Just working on costumes, etc. I don't have anything worth taking pictures of.. maybe next week XP

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Who will see you in them loki_sataere
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Who will steal them akuma_shinzo
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Apparently, there has been some great shocking revelation that the mangaka for FMA is female.
When I first got into FMA, it seemed kinda obvious the author was female, and I didn't bother looking into it.
It wasn't until I started looking at FMA BBS, etc, that everyone said the mangaka was male, and should be obvious by the male first same "Hiromu." In which case, I had to admit defeat and just accept the fact I was wrong.
However, recently word leaked that Arakawa-sensei is in fact female, because she had to appear at an awards ceremony, and apparently shocked everyone.

The lesson?
Hmm.. not sure..
But I think it's hilarious that the creator of a wildly successful series can hide her gender for so long.. even from her Japanese fans XD This, more than anything, amuses me to no end!


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