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>:O Makoto! I'm calling you out!!! >:O

Excel Saga cosplay!
Excel and Hyatt!

If you get a chance, take a look at the back of a volume 5 Excel Saga manga, and tell me what you think XD Remember that Love Hina RPG episode? Just like that!
Again.. as per our other planned Excel Saga group.. uh.. no set date on this. XD
But I'd much rather wear this than shorts anyway... and it makes me want to make an Excel costume again.
Plus, it kinda has your dose of obscure manga to add to the flavor. :)
It's not the best, but I scanned a pic in
Just by looking at that.. and looking at the regular costume color scheme, I think it's pretty easy to tell what the colors should be. Plus, this is a lot less revealing than the usual outfits, and these are really pretty cute, too :)
And this is just generally out there for the rest of you guys...
What do you think?

Maybe for A-kon....

Edit: Guh! I need to take a vacation from my freind's list until Otakon is over! XP All the cosplay groups are gearing up for Ota, and I don't want to think about how I'll be missing L'arc >..


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