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Oh my God

Where are my car keys? D:
I went to work from 3pm-10pm today. I went to work. Had my keys. Locked the house, drove to work.
Took a lunch break. Drove home. Had keys to drive. Unlocked house. Had keys to get into the house!

Opened Bujingai game, fiddled with memory cards, played Bujingai for a bit, made tortellini alfredo for lunch. Had to go back to work.

Keys missing D:
Nowhere to be found!
Had to take spare car key to work.
Came home. Door was unlocked (No house key! Akuma was home& left door unlocked, though!)

I'm tearing the house apart. They're here somewhere. I had to use the keys to get into the house >:O
But the question is.. where?? :(
I've even been checking the weird places, like the bathroom and the fridge& freezer. (I lost my sock.. you'll never guess where it ended up.... the refridgerator!!!!----- brownie points if you know where that came from)

So... must think of even more unusual places I visited in my 30 min home and try to find keys :O


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