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Wings: 1 of 5

All of the copper bases are assembled now, and one set has both chicken wire and cotton batting on it.
I'm starting feathers on one so I can see how they turn out. When N-kun visits, we'll probably get the rest finished.
Since these are smaller... they're taking up a lot less feathers than I had anticipated. I may have enough for more than 5 sets of wings. Pity I didn't buy more of the 1/2 in copper tubing. It's ok, though, because it will be a project for later. I have quite enough on my plate for now.

In any case, I really want to show off the feathers.
I ordered them from Rainbowfeatherco.com and they are the PERFECT shade of ash grey. My body feathers are darker, since I ordered them at a different time. I could have mailed them a feather, and they would have color-matched them perfectly, but I didn't want to mess with that. Instead, I'm lining the cotton batting with the darker body feathers. It's working out really well. I hope I have enough marabou for 5 sets of wings. Here's for hoping.
Anyway.. on to photos.
The grey really is perfect. Not too dark, not too light.

Just one wing.. and only the outside is done
Contrast this with the stark white of the cotton batting, to get an idea of the subtle shade of grey
They look different in every shot because I couldn't get Ray to hold them straight :O

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