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Musings on sewing. AKA: Wings... wingswingswingsblisterswingswingswings

I've been kind of putting off that pleated skirt I need to do...
I don't know why. I should just buckle down, dye my fabric, and get to work on it.
But instead, I started the 5 pairs of wings I need for Animefest.
I don't have any photos whatsoever, because the harnasses haven't been assembled yet. Once everything gets screwed together and covered with chicken wire, they're going to take up a lot of room. Especially considering the fact that they arn't going to be flat. The wings are curved, and they're going to jut out of the frame at about a 45 degree angle. In the show.. they're shown sticking straight out, perpendicular to the back.. but when you look at a character head on, you can see the wings as if they were flat horizontally against the back. Gotta love anime.
Anyway.. since the wings are small, I decided to compromise with somthing that should hopefully look a little more "natural" without being too gaudy.


That was a lot of copper tubing to bend by hand today. Thankfully, I had my brother to help me. I promised him I'd make him a pair if he cut all the pipe and helped me bend it. Tomorrow, he'll secure the harnasses by drilling through the tubing. It's really not anything too difficult, but I get really frustrated when the drill slips and I scratch things up. It's not a big deal, since it's getting covered with chicken wire and fabric anyway. I just feel inept sometimes when it comes to some hardware issues. I think I could handle myself with all sorts of heavy machinery.. but I'm always afraid of hurting myself. And I can't really hurt myself with a pair of dull craft scissors and a hand sander. (Always makes me think of those higschool shop teachers missing a few digits)

They're small, so they really shouldn't be that bad. I really enjoyed making the black ones because it was a simple craftsy thing I could zone out while doing, and still feel very productive and creative. I hate working on difficult things that frustrate me to the point of screaming, so things that arn't too hard to assemble are always very relaxing. Plus, I have those great ash grey tom rounds that are the perfect shade :)

I really can't feel too bad because I haven't started any of the personal projects I want to work on. I always feel that when I work on a commission, I shouldn't be working on anything for myself until the commission is done. It's like no playing until your homework if finished.
There's so much to do for A-fest, though, I'm going to be busy up to the wire. I need to start now, so I have enough time to slack.

I've realized that I really do need time to slack when I make costumes.. because sometimes when I am sewing, somthing just doesn't want to turn out when I feel like working on it. And if I have the chance to step back and forget about it for a day... or even a night... sometimes that's enough distance to allow me to come back with a fresh point of view and get things to work.

When I'm forced to work under pressure, or I procrastinate on somthing, it just frustrates me. First of all.. it's annoying because I hate deadlines. Second, because if I'm rushing, I'm more likely to make mistakes. The combination of these two under pressure is enough to make me scream obscenities and throw things at my cat. (Especially when he tries to get up on the sewing table while the second option is running rampant)

Unfortunately.. when I have a lot of time to slack, I have a horrible tendancy of picking up new projects instead of taking the time to rest. My post-A-kon costuming vacation is over, and I've been working on Afest stuff.... but I still feel like slacking, despite the fact that no single A-kon project was as massive as last year's Millenia.
I will be doing a LOT of repairs and alterations on Yu~ki, though.. and getting a lot more wear on that one and Izumi in the future. Afest will probably not see that many new costumes, since I'm doing a lot for others.
Definitely Nemu.. since I'm making 5 freakin pairs of grey haibane wings :P
But depending on how those and the GTO commission work out, I may be making that Shiina costume... and MAYBE the Tsunade. I have the materials for both already. It really just comes down to time... Because I sure as heck won't have time for Ushi. I'm doing two major projects for Ushi, and I want to devote the utmost attention to detail on these two. They're going to be special.. and probably con favorites :)

Oh well.. I've been up all night, so I think I'm going to crash. The sun is up, and I'm melting.


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