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Goodbye, Nehelenia! I found somthing better to do with your fabric XD

Check out this
Look at Shiina. Yeah. If you take into consideration that it's already along the lines of Baiken/Tsunade, it's really my kind of costume. Not that Nehelenia wasn't...
But I'd been putting that one off for so long, and I'd only purchased a few (re-usable) findings and the lavendar cape material. The more I play the game, the more I realize the cape material is pretty much perfect for Shiina.

I love this game, because it's very silly. Since it's in the "Tales of" series, it's got all the humor and wacky elements of Tales of Phantasia, Destiny& Eternia... but it's got new, updated 3-D cel shaded graphics. Along with Dark Cloud, this goes in the category of appropriately-used cel-shaded graphics.

If you get bored.. check out the names of the other characters. They're just too cheesey XD "Genis Sage, Refill Sage, Presia Combatir" XD Clever, huh? :P

Anyway.. Shiina is super cute.... her character is pretty cool, and it's my type of costume. Refill's outfit is really cute, too.. because it's flowy and baggy and weird. But I'm going with the Ninja summoner who can't cover her bra. (Some sort of trend? At least I get a bra with this one... and not duct tape like Baiken...)
She's got really cool boot-spat things.. and they've got buckes on the side. She also has a huge butt bow, and a nice color scheme. This will be an easy costume to make, too. It's got enough detail so that it'll look cool.. but it's simple enough not to give me a heart attack. The only thing that will be a little tricky is the wig. I'm going to have to buy a new one for this one, probably... because my other black one doesn't have any bangs. And I'm not really sure I want to cut bangs into it anyway. Since it's layered, I might get it to work.. but it'll take a lot of styling to do that funky thing in the back. Might just be better off buying a new one and working with that.
I've been feeling really stingy about wigs lately, though, because it seems like I'm having to buy too many natural colored wigs that I can't use with other costumes. I try to get generic-cut blonde/black wigs that will work for multiple costumes, but more likely than not, I need somting with a vastly different cut :/

Oh well... gotta get busy if I want to even think about making any costumes for myself this con season.

And just because I'm feeling silly.. is this too shameless for a userpic? :P Maybe I should pass it along to Mako and ask her to animate it by sticking some fake sparklies in there or somthing XD


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