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Bevin, why do you do this to me?

For a real update, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until somthing exciting happens.
I've been playing Tales of Symphonia.. so I'm sure you dont' want to hear about my exciting adventures of sitting on the couch with a new game today.

Costuming News~~

Animefest GTO commission is almost done. I have the wig, socks, socks glue, and sweater vest. I need to find a white short sleeve button-down shirt. This is harder than I expected, because women's styles right now have button-down shirts that don't button all the way up to the collar. I'll probably have to improvise.
I also need to make the pleated skirt and the neck tie/bow. After that.. one commission down, two to go.

If you count the Haibane wings. Which I do.
But I have cutting blades for those now, so I can bend my copper pipe and get started!

I forgot to call Jo-Ann's today and see if they got any more twill in. Really. How hard should it be to find a nice white twill in town? My god! It's all sold out! One of the girls at Jo-Ann's said they recently had a sale on fabric dye or somthing, though... so she thinks that's where it all went.
In any case....

Meme. Yeah.
But.. Inflato-Gackt.....

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