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Why do I bother?
I didn't expect a million comments filled with "OMG Thanks for posting! So cool! Let's talk costumes!!" A few serious commentors would have been nice...But I certainly didn't expect people to start arguing about Spiderman and movie memorabilia when I was trying to talk costumes in a costuming community.

Any of you guys out there part of a tailoring/sewing/costuming group that talks costumes nowadays?
It seems that somthing has slowly started to change in my fav. cosplay community. I still love it.. as there isn't nearly as much angst and drama on there as certain other BBS..
But come on. It seems like every other post is someone either trying to sell off somthing/advertise an ebay auction, or ask "What would I look good as? Here's my pic!"

A long time ago I joined a great costuming community that was really quiet, but they talked costumes. I don't know what happened to them, because someone deleted the group without any explanation. I should try and find another group soon that wants to just talk random costume construction. The cosplay community that I'm in now is usually very helpful on a case by case basis, but if I want to learn to further my sewing skills, I really need to talk to some pros.. or at least some people out of highschool that are interested in the same thing.
I know there are some *fantastic* cosplayers that read the cosplay LJ community, but I think they are all pretty quiet. :O
Talk about frustrating.
I'm really starting to regret not taking any sort of theatre class at Baylor. I could have nudged my way into the drama department and sewn all sorts of crazy crap for those eccentric theatre majors.
That would have been some great practice, and a great way to learn.


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