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New project, Hajime!

The time for rest and relaxation is over.
I'm starting new rounds of projects for AF, and working on a commission, so I can't procrastinate.
I've already picked up a pattern to alter for the commission, and I should be able to dye my fabric tomorrow. Wish me luck on that. LOTS of luck. IMO, the fabric dying is probably going to be the hardest part of the outfit, since I need to get 8 yards of white suiting to dye a custom-mixed color evenly.
I'll be tossing it all in the washing machine and hoping for the best.
Any pointers, guys? (Aside from testing a swatch and tossing in a crapload of salt. Like any special secrets/pointers on dying fabrics in the washing machine)

I was hunting around the net for official Fullmetal Alchemist goods, mostly out of curiosity, partly out of costume research. I wasn't able to find the dealer at A-kon that had the official cloissone merlion pins, so I started hunting around yahoo japan proxy sites, etc.
And I saw a doujinshi that was ALMOST as wrong as Edward x Al
Roy and Bradley?? What the?
-ok- In my mind, this coupling is illegal. KKTHXBAI
I can understand how Roy x Ed is a pretty much obvious slash couple. Roy being the dominant one...
I guess in the Roy x Furher pairing they wanted to show Roy's sensitive side? By finding someone more dominant than him?
I understand... but... My head still hurts.

Akuma has been playing Disgaea lately.
I think I am a sort of fun-sucking vampire when it comes to games. If I see someone having fun with a game, I seem to get the urge to want to play it. Even if I've already beat it.. heh. Disgaea is kind of ongoing, though.. since I have about 96 hours, and my Laharl is ONLY level 90 of 9999 :P So when Akuma went to sleep for the afternoon, I played Disgaea for a bit.

I've been playing the Spider-man 2 game a lot lately, too.
To put it briefly: This game is fucking awesome.
This is the only game I've ever played that has actually caused a physical reaction in me while I'm up high.
Let me explain.
I don't like heights much. Or maybe I like them too much. I don't know. I like looking at things from a tall height. However, ever since I was little, I've always had this weird urge to jump or toss somthing down from a lethal height. I don't know why.. because I have no wish to die and go splat. This is the reason I am afraid of heights. I'm not afraid of dying from falling. I'm not afraid of the falling itself. I'm afraid that I'll want to jump so badly that I'll actually do it. Or... I'm afraid of being clumsy and falling off.
So when I am up someplace high, I tend to grip railings so tightly my knuckles turn white, and the backs of my thighs start to shake and feel weak.

In the Spidey-2 videogame, I was crawling up the top of the Empire State Building, and when I rotated the camera to look down at the street.. holy crap! My legs started shaking, and with the exception of wind, etc, it felt like I was really that high up.

Aside from the "Holy crap, this game made me fear for my life" rush, the gameplay is very nice and smooth, and there are tons of acrobatic trics, etc you can do to make your swinging even more pleasant to watch. I swear I could just swing around for hours alone.. but there are tons of quests to do, too. And it seems some dumbass kid is always losing his balloon, or some ladie is always getting her purse stolen..

I played through the main story very quickly, and only had about 40% game completion. There is just so much extra stuff to do. :)
I've been trying to take it easy with that game, though.. or I'll get sucked into full-blown Spider-man obsession again.. like when the first movie came out. I wanted to go re-read all my comics and start buying up graphic novels like a madwoman. ( I don't have any early Spidey comics. When I was reading, I was a young teen, and I got things off the newsstand. I had no way of getting older comics, and I wasn't interested in shelling out money to collect seriously.) In the end, I settled for getting all my old comics out of my mom's place and up to my house. Then I re-bagged them all in new bags, and read a few. I also picked up a set of the original marvel trading cards off ebay.

Who knows what I would do this time if I got Spider-obsessed again? :O
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