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11 July 2004 @ 10:09 am
Sleepy... But I can't sleep  
I went to bed rather inebriated last night after partying here @ the house with N-kun from out of town. Actually, I should probably say early? I went to bed around 4 AM.
We decided to watch Yojimbo last night, and then watch A Fist Full of Dollars immediately thereafter for comparison. It's really kind of cool to watch somthing I could call a cross-genre remake. Anyway... I don't like Westerns, and the fact that it was a remake of Yojimbo was pretty much the only think keeping my interest. We were comparing scenes, etc.. and it was really cool. However... sure enough, about halfway through the movie, I start falling asleep.
So, I went to bed... around 4AM.. and I was woken up probably around 7:30/8AM by Akuma nudging me around the bed. I rolled over on my side, but I was apparently sleeping in the middle of the bed, so he couldn't come lay down. XD Ooops. So I moved over..and I'm guessing I slept for maybe half an hour to an hour... because at 8:30 I heard a loud crash and a lot of swearing. His royal evilness (Senpu) knocked over our large 18-inch talking army of darkness Ash figure..... behind the TV. The way our room is set up, I had to move the laundry basket and crawl through the closet to get around the back of the entertainment center and get it back. Akuma was swearing up a storm& the cat went running. He figured it was probably broken, and didn't even want to go and try and retreive it, so I got up and fished it out. It was fine.. but when I sat back down in bed, I wasn't really all that tired anymore. I hate that.
So.. I'm awake now.

My birthday went by really well, though. (July 9, for those who are curious. See the entry that had nothing but a meme in it)
It was a Spider-Man day.
I finally got to see the movie. I'd been waiting a long time.. since I'd been anticipating a sequel since last year. And having to wait a week after opening for somthing I wanted to see so badly was just torture. The movie was fantastic, though. I'd definitely go see it again if I could find someone to go with. I saw the first Spider-Man movie 2 or 3 times in the theatre, too. Hey.. I like Spider-Man :P Akuma also found a really cool looking Spider-Man ice cream cake at Baskin Robins, so we had that... and for my birthday, he also got me the Spider-Man 2 game on PS2 (It kicks a LOT of ass) and the movies 50 first Dates and Along Came Polly. I haven't seen Along Came Polly or heard anything about it... but it's got a ferret, so it can't be all bad XD
And I really enjoyed 50 First Dates, so I'm glad we got our hands on it now.
My mother-in-law sent me a really awesome bathroom set for the guest bedroom. It's fluffy and bright red.. I've got two floor mats, a toilet seat cover, and a towel set now. Very cool.
And in a really weird turn of events, Mom visited with her new boyfreind thing after driving down from freaking Wisconsin. That was a shocker.
1) Your "freind"? I'm mature enough to handle that sort of thing. If he's your boyfreind, you can just say so. I really don't give a crap. We don't see each other that much anymore, so if you're happy, I'm happy. If a new boyfreind is making you happy.. as long as he's not some sort of homeless hippy mooching off of you or a convicted felon, I'm happy.
2)Drove up to Wisconsin? I didn't know... I mean.. driving up north is a kind of big thing. Not that I could have gone if I had known.. but still. It's just weird when your mom calls you on the phone and asks if it's ok to visit on the way back down from Wisconsin.

Really, though, since mom called and told me about the divorce, I'm awfully paranoid that the next phone call from either of my parents is going to be about some sort of cataclysmic family disaster. Houses burned down, car wrecks, that sort of thing. To quote Invader Zim... DOOOM!

And work sucks. Don't ask, or you'll get pages and pages about how a lowly part timer that is treated like dirt shouldn't have to worry about job security in the way the company is constantly threatening us. It's a freaking long story, and it's freaking stupid.

I wish I'd gotten 3 or 4 more hours of sleep :(
Current Mood: crankycranky
Nightlevinightlevi on July 11th, 2004 09:23 am (UTC)
I hate when I can get enough sleep, specially if it's do to someone's fault.
You saw Spider Man... cool... I didn't catch the first one (fool has I am, I didn't got the tickets on time...dumn.) and I don't think I'll be able to see the second part...
It seems you had a nice birthday... good for you (^_^)
HIDE your facekyonomiko on July 11th, 2004 01:28 pm (UTC)
The first Spider Man movie has been out on DVD here for a long time. Since it was really popular, maybe you could find a copy to rent somewhere?

I'm always grouchy when I don't get enough sleep. I blame it on my cat. He is evil XP Knocks things over.... tries to lick my face... His breath smells horrible! I can't figure out what to do about it because he won't let you poke around in his mouth to brush his teeth. I guess there's not much you can do when he spends so much time eating bugs and licking his butt. :O
wonder if they make cat breath fresheners....
Nightlevinightlevi on July 13th, 2004 12:32 pm (UTC)
I will try to buy the tickets for the double feature of Spider Man, so I can see both movies and then decided myself if it's worth buying the DVD's.

I do understand you, back home I also have a cat... now multiply that plus to dogs and then you see the feast that I had every frinking morning ... hum... now I actually miss it.
LOL "cat breath fresheners"
Now that would be a big hit has soon it would arrive the market.
+spacealienmuppetcrackbaby+honeyblade on July 11th, 2004 12:10 pm (UTC)
You have the same birthday as Tim! \o/