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HIghlights from Expo

Look! Photos from Fan's View!
(Blame it on Ringo. I wasn't even that interested in looking, but she made me curious about it)

Hehe... Clow card!
Hey... were these the PLC cosplayers that were at A-kon?
Hey Zoi! There's a whole page of JUST Super Dollfies!
Hehehe large FMA military group
If you guys want a laugh(and in no way the mean spiteful kind) check out the group gallery on there. There's an army of Vash-es! Armies of Inu Yashas! It's great! XD
Petshop of horrors... poor detective Orcott. I bet no one recognized him when he was by himself XD
Disgaea! That Flonne is so cute :)
More Petshop of horrors.. different group. :D
Another shot of Count D, the pimp
Sorry, Mako-chan. This is my favorite Yuna now
!!! Nanami from El Haz! Wow! I don't think I've ever seen someone cosplay her before.
Spoony Bard! :D Words cannot describe my love XD (For those who don't know.. Final Fantasy 4
BWaahhhh.... Setzer! You were always in my party! Even when there were better fighters...and better spellcasters.. and well.. yeah. ALWAYS THERE WAS SETZER!!!(FF6, for you uneducated barbarians :P)
Goat. Box.
Anyone with THAT kind of fashion sense must be none other than Kakihara from Ichi the Killer. Nice!
BWAHAHAH Kozi vs. Grave
That's a very pretty Tsunade. I'm not so sure I'm going to make this costume anymore. I kinda forgot about it when I was taking Animefest projects into consideration anyway

My internet's slowing down a lot now for some weird reason, so I can't browse any more for now. I'll be lucky if I'm able to post this >..<
All in all.. lots of nice costumes at Expo. I remembered part of the reason why I don't really like to look at pictures anymore, though. It really just makes me feel bad about myself. It's hard to explain in a way that won't piss people off. I like looking at the stuff other people are doing.. and I like seeing all sorts of different costumes. Those are the positive sides. There are a lot of negative things that go through my mind when I look at con photos too. Beleive it or not, much of what goes through my head is "Bad fabric choice... needs to be taken in... should have worn a different type of whiteface" etcetc. It's more critical picky stuff on costume construction. Not like the people that go to pages and just trash everyone, calling them ugly and fat. Still, I don't like that negative side of me. The other part is that when I look at a lot of the photos, I just feel ugly. I look at my body and just feel disgusted with myself. But, I'm certain it's nothing you guys want to hear about, so I'll just cut it right there.
Oh yeah. That reminds me. Didn't win the Rabi look alike contest on cosplay.com. I'm not really upset about it or anything. That's not exactly the kind of thing you can go into trying your best at and leave feeling good about it. I enter those contests on the off-chance of winning a free paid subscription to the lab. I should really just pay my dues and get it myself. I'm interested in the costume ticker.


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