August 25th, 2014



Yaaaay! The con is over! Time to get ready for the next one!

Sometimes, twitter just cannot contain all the things I want to say about a subject. This is one of those cases.

First off- AnimeFEST is awesome. It is one of my favorite conventions ever. The staff really care about the con, and are always trying to make it better. When I hear people complain about my favorite conventions, it makes me really sad! A lot of these people don't try to contribute to the con at all, and just bitch when things don't go their way. Some of them have legitimate concerns, but the vast majority of them are just people having a hissy fit. I'm not on staff. I run panels and have, on occasion, helped judge the costume contest. I won't even pretend to know ANYTHING about the amount of work that goes into running shows like this, but I've glimpsed a little of what goes on, just from hanging around the cons for so long. So about these people bitching about stuff....

Like about the coverage rule for costumes! LOOOOOOL. I hear people complain about this EVERY SINGLE YEAR. You have to have a certain % of your body covered, including vital areas like crotch, ass, and a portion of your chest. Girls complain when they are crossdressing that they can't have bare chests. Guys complain that they can't run around in just boxers. YOU KNOW WHAT? I love it. I love that it's fair and they expect the exact same thing from both male and female attendees. It's a family convention that wants to encourage a younger generation to come and have a safe place to play. I feel that what they are asking isn't unreasonable, but people complain about it every year!

If you have THE PERFECT NAKED COSPLAY EVER... maybe you should have a private photoshoot for that, get some good photos, and not get angry with staff for enforcing a policy.

Speaking of enforcing policies...

I had to go to security this year about a creeper! This is the first time that I've had the balls to report someone that made me feel uncomfortable. Security took my concerns seriously and immediately let two other people know about it and went to take care of the situation. I don't know what the results were, since all of us were seriously creeped out, but I am very thankful to know that AFEST is on top of this stuff. Apparently they even keep track of a list of top offenders from previous years so they can jump these guys if they show up again. Bravo AFEST!

That being said... I'm either more aware of this kind of stuff, or it's just getting worse, or I don't know. Maybe my tolerance for it is not that high anymore, but I'm noticing more and more stuff that I feel is unacceptable behavior.

My con roomie and I were wandering the floor when we were approached by a dude with a toddler in tow that really wanted a pic of roomie's costume. She was wearing Megaera from the Disney Hercules. Nice costume, flattering, etcetc. She said she ran out of fabric and didn't get all the draping in front, so there was a little more cleavage than she preferred, but she wasn't indecent. Now, when Hercules came out, I think I was in highschool or something? I wasn't that impressed by it. I was just like "eehhh... Aladdin/ Little Mermaid were so much better!" But apparently these kids at the con that were a good 10 years younger than me were going totally apeshit over it and singing songs at my roommate/etc. So all night people have been getting super excited about this costume, and it's great and whatever, and this dude with the kid shows up. He gets super excited. He wants a pic. He wants to promote this photography project he's working on. He maybe wants an interview! Ok, whatever. We listen to his spiel for a while, and it just keeps sounding more and more ridiculous to me.

He's working on a cosplay calendar. (Nothing new). He wants to promote women. The calendar is about powerful women. Women that cosplay powerful characters. Women that cosplay powerfully. Women. Power. Whatever. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and it sounds like the whole concept wasn't really thought out that well, but he keeps emphasizing women of all shapes and sizes while staring at roommate's chest. THE ENTIRE TIME. After a while, I snidely mention that I am a woman too, and he looks totally confused and says, "yes, but SHE has a lot showing on this costume, and you're covered up."


If you want to check out the website, (and it's not a website, it's a tumblr. lol) I would like to note that some of the ladies here list boobs as a personal asset.

I really hope this dude was like.. the husband of someone organizing it or something, because this amateur bullshit really undermines any sort of real message this project had. If they wanted some great feel good project, they shouldn't hire jackasses to promote it. Equality my ass. Power for women! All women are great! But the ones that show more cleavage are greater than others!

The baby started fussing, so we managed to get out of there before he pushed the whole interview thing again. I don't think he would have interviewed me, but had he decided to do it out of "fairness" or to not look like an ass, he would have gotten an earful. I'm too old for this bullshit, and I'm at a point where if I see something blatantly unfair, sexist, or stupid, I'm much less likely to tolerate it.

Anyway, my panel at Afest went pretty well. Once again, people just didn't want to participate, so I felt like everyone was sitting there out of boredom. Whatever!

I spent a lot of my time at AFEST promoting Ushicon. Technically I was cosplay director for about an hour last year? LOL. (I seriously only told my roommate about that because the whole thing was kind of silly)

Anyway, any time I met a cool person, I told them to come to Ushicon. I met a few cool people that are in Texas and need to come! I warned them that it's a tiny convention, but PACKED WITH AWESOME. Hopefully some of them come this year and then there will be even more cool people for me to hang out with :X I think after NDK, I'll have to look into getting preregged for Ushi or at least get my hotel room reserved. I have no idea how many roommates I'll have this year. I keep telling everyone to come stay with me, but they are all non committal. If they all say they want to stay at the last minute, I'll be screwed! :O I just hope the roads aren't icy like they were last year. Last year was fucking terrifying.

I did meet ONE person that was hilariously anti-Ushicon, though. And this story is awesome.

I was doing my usual, "Hey, you should come to Ushicon!" stuff, educating Dallas people that Round Rock is a real city, etc, and found this kigurumi booth. I was like, "Hey, the world needs more kigurumi! You should come to Ushicon!" Oh My God. The reaction. The lady running the booth got this really amazing look on her face and said "Oh, they don't have room for real vendors because of all the porn." I was like.. WHAT? XD

I tried telling her that it was 18+ to weed out the riffraff and give the older fans a more mature place to remember our old fart anime like Fushigi Yuugi and Ranma. (Seriously, this chick in the artist's alley had 3 FY pins and said she watched it in like middle school and didn't remember any of it. I had a momentary bout of hopeless depression)

Anyway, booth lady kept going on and on about pervert con and the porn dealer's room, and I started to wonder if I went to the wrong convention next door or something. It took a while to tease the whole story out of her. I know I didn't get it all, because it changed like 3 times while she was telling it. It was really special.

FROM WHAT I CAN TELL...(IE- I will piece it together as it makes sense to me)

So this kigurumi seller tried to get into the Ushicon like 3 years ago, but the dealer's room was full. She tried to get in the next year, but the dealer's room was full. The next year, Ushicon approached her to tell her there was room, and she apparently said something to the effect of "FUCK YOU CHUMPS, Y'ALL CAN SUCK MY TAINT."

But she also said that apparently Ushicon repeatedly approached her and told her that her products sucked, that her products were for little kids and didn't belong at their con, and all sorts of other stuff. This lady just kept getting worked up and going off about the con. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh.

I said, "well, that's a shame. I'm not looking to buy a kigurumi right now, but I might want one later." and got one of her cards. Her (younger) helper went on to say that she didn't understand why it was 18+ anyway, since they have such great stuff that would sell to people of all ages. (seriously, the stories made less and less sense in regards to the con) I just went on to explain that it's 18+ to keep out some of the problems the larger conventions have with younger kids just popping in to go to room parties, get trashed, and get in trouble. This chick goes on to say "Well, that's going to happen at any con." My only reply was "That doesn't happen at Ushi."


Like seriously. there is drinking, but I've never been harassed by a drunk kid wanting to "cuddle" and grope me at Ushi. This happens at EVERY OTHER CON. I haven't had problems with drunk people breaking the elevators and leaving potted plants all over the place at Ushi. THIS ALSO HAPPENS EVERYWHERE ELSE.

To be fair, Ushi is still very small, so if you just look at the percentage of douchbags that are likely to douche all over a con, you're going to have a larger number of them at larger conventions, and a smaller number at smaller conventions.

But honestly, Ushi is the only con I've been to in the last 5+ years that I've actually enjoyed going to other people's panels, hanging out, going to the freaking game room, etc. The first time I went back (After I realized that they were still around!), I was totally shocked at how small it was, but it was the best time I'd had at a con in ages. That's why I keep pimping this convention. If it gets big again, whatever. If it's bigger with just a larger number of cool people, that's totally awesome. I'm not afraid of it getting bigger as a convention, but I honestly don't think it will. It's not going to explode with growth like some other cons. AFEST had record attendance this year, and that's great. I love AnimeFEST, and I want them to do well. They also have a lot of younger teens running all over the place. Ushi is like.. my vacay con. I've been going to too many conventions lately, and it's wearing on me. I don't like doing 5 a year. I think I'd be happy doing just Ushi and AFEST every year, but Tania keeps dragging me out to others :X I mean yeah, I'll have fun, but I'm such a homebody, you know? I can't keep up some crazy costume making pace. And well.. with Waco now having two cons of it's own, that's like 4 cons a year, guaranteed for me!

Waco now has WACON, a tabletop gaming convention. I didn't make it last year, but they're growing and advertising a costume contest this year with hilariously plagiarized HEROES OF COSPLAY photos. It's organized by Q of The Game Closet, and frankly, I'm rather surprised that he knows what I do and hasn't asked me to be a part of his costume programming. If he doesn't want me hosting panels or judging the contest, I'ma probably enter the contest. >..> THAT'LL LEARN YA. It would be unethical to wear Kefka since I won 2nd place at THEHOTCON with him, but whatever. That's in October. I have months until then!

Then there's THE HOT CON. Or whatever it's calling itself. It hasn't really found it's identity yet, but it's a mini comic convention. They bring in actors& vendors and take up some space at the events center. They have 0 panels, 0 programming, but still had crazy numbers back in march. So crazy, that instead of waiting a year to do it again, they decided to do it in Sept. These guys are nuts, but whatever. I'll support my local con. They also don't know about me, so they didn't approach me at all about the con. With that con, I decided to google myself, and it looks like I did such a great job in keeping the creepers away that apparently Waco has 0 cosplayers. If I want to participate in more local stuff, I'd have to promote myself better. Sadly, I kind of don't care that much.

I might approach WACON if they decide to do any sort of panel programming, but THEHOTCON doesn't have space right now for that sort of thing. They have a creepy room with kiddie Halloween store cutouts stuck to the wall called "The cosplay corner" where no one goes. lol.

Anyway, I'm going to NDK next month against my will. It's going to be awesome, though, so it's ok. Then I have a special wedding to attend, then I'm free! I'll have to put some thought into WACON and USHI after that. Tania wants me to go out and visit her. Next year, we might spend money on vacations, so I'll think about AWA or something. Unless it's a con, I can't really go out there because she's never at home on the weekends. She's always at a con somewhere.

I still need to think about what our vacation next year will be. Now that we finally have a Texas DL for the husband, we can get passports and go out of country if we want. The idea is kind of terrifying, but I'm jealous of all these young bratty kids that talk about how they went to Europe when they were younger. My family didn't have the money for that kind of bullshit! If we go to France, I can get Jeremy to show us around. Probably. Maybe. We thought about maybe going to London, though. At least everyone there would speak English without pretending they don't. We could also have Jeremy come meet us there. lol. I don't know. it's all kind of terrifying, because we don't know much about what we'd need to do to prepare. Electronics, cel phones, credit cards, how much cash to bring, etc. It is a mystery. Thankfully, we have some friends that have done enough travelling to help us out with that part. I just have to decide where we are going to go.

(Also, I kind of want to see Disneyland/world/whatever and the Harry Potter theme park at Universal, but the new wing opened up there, so we're going to wait at least another year for that, yo)

....Maybe I should plan for us to go to Disney on goth day and not tell Matt until we get there. loooooooooooool