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Busy today!

I spent the morning cleaning today. My hair always causes problems. I tie it up so it doesn't get in the way when I clean. But that doesn't account for the hairs I have shed in the past. Whenever I vaccum, I always have to pull out a knife and spend some time cutting my stray hairs off the rotating brush thingamajigger XD
So yeah.. I vaccumed a bit.. did the dishes, took care of trash, straightened thigns up etcetc. Still seems there's a lot of work to do, though. My sewing table is still a mess from A-kon.

I went out later to deposit some cheques at the bank. They wouldn't let me deposite dually-endorsed checks into my own account, though. (Mine is not a joint account with Akuma. But I've never bumped into problems depositing his cheques into my account before as long as we both endorsed it)
ANYWAY.. he'll have to go do that later, or I'll have to borrow his ID and do it.

I also went to Hastings and dropped off my rentals. (Rented Katsuhiro Otomo's "Memories" omnibus. Liked it a lot. Especially Magnetic Rose and Stink Bomb. Also rented the first volume of Cosplay complex. That one... was like an incredibly mediocre Mahou Tsukai Tai) When I went inside to check on my special order, I happily found out it had finally arrived. Now I FINALLY have my own copy of Ichi the Killer. They had a few copies in town... I rented it multiple times, but could never find a copy for sale. Eventually someone stole the rental copy :O So I had to special-order it. I could have probably just ordered it from Amazon, though. Anyway.. doesn't matter now. I have my copy XD
I also rented Tokyo Godfathers.. since I've been waiting on that one for a long time. I also rented.. uh.. somthing else. I don't remember what, though. Hang on. Oh yeah! The first volume of Puni Puni Poemi. It looked retarded, but it's from Koshi Rikudo, so it might be good. I wasn't going to risk buying it though.
I bought The Cure's new self titled album, too.
Boy was that..uh....ok. Yeah. It was ok. The copy protection was a bitch. It freaks out on the CD player in my car, and starts on the 5th track. It also won't play on winamp, and you can only play it on media player by loading the whole disk at once. So if there was a song I liked, I couldn't put just that one on a playlist. It sucks, and it totally wasn't worth the time to go through all of the crap I did just to listen to it.
Objectively.. it sounds very similar in sound and style to Bloodflowers, but it's a lot angrier. There arn't really any songs that stand out to me, though. There are 2 or 3 tracks on Bloodflowers I really love.. but there arn't any that stick out like that for me on this one. In all fairness, there arn't any just hideous ones that I feel the need to skip over, either. It's pleasant to listen to all the way through. Can't really ask for too much more.
I'm re-thinking about hitting the concert in Dallas this October, though. When I saw them on the Bloodflowers tour, they played mostly Bloodflowers stuff, and some fan favorites. (That's expected, since the tour was to support the new album. Kind of a "well, duh" type thing) So since they'll be touring to support this album.. and this album was not that thrilling.. I'm not sure I want to pay 34-50 bucks for a ticket to hear a few fan favorites live. I also don't know how long the set will be, since they're going on tour with a few other bands I've never heard of. So I guess I'll skip it.

Hmm.. I also went to Jo Anne's to price up some fabric for a possible commission. If it doesn't look like I have too much on my plate for Animefest, I think I'll probably pick it up. I'm almost done with that GTO commission. I just have to make the skirt & bow and pick up a collared blouse. I've got the socks& socks glue taken care of.. and I'm bidding on a wig I'm almost 100% certain to win. Same for a yellow cashmere knit sweater-vest... luckily, it's one that does not have a logo on it! So since that one's almost done... that leaves X sets of Haibane wings... the minimum being 3. If Squidlet helps me with them this weekend, There should be no problem there...
And my Nemu costume is mostly a bought costume with the exception of the library arm band.. which I will make myself with stiffened felt :) It'll be fun XD
(Still gotta make an Angelic Layer arm band one of these days, too)

So... that aside.... Unless Ray suddenly wants his Link costume for AF, I think I will have time for a commission. I always want to leave a large ammount of time for commissions that are mostly sewn, because I am always paranoid I'll have to alter things.. and I take longer on commissions because I want to make sure I don't cut any of the corners I usually cut with my own stuff XD Seriously, you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference by LOOKING at it... but that's why I cut the corners I do.. lol. But I don't want somthing I'm selling to someone else to look great on the outside and kinda "WTF" on the inside. So it will take longer to do T..T
I'm probably also going to have to hand-dye the suiting for this one myself.... since I can't find the shade of blue I want at the fabric store. This is also kind of a problem, since they don't have any white, either.
If I have some white here at the house, though, it'll be ok. I'll have to look around some more if I decide to take on this project.

Have I ever mentioned I hate deadlines? XD


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