March 10th, 2013


Getting into the mood to sew...

Sort of?

Well, I AM looking at a lot of FFVI cosplayer photos. This one has an Edgar with the chainsaw& hockey mask as well as a freakin' Strago with a badass mowhawk. There is an awful lot of awesome going on here.

Either this is from the same convention, or this Strago gets around!

(There's a Gogo there that wasn't at the previous photoshoot, so who knows?)

That being said.. I finished my pants. I'm going to work on boots next. I will work my way up from there. I am also working on styling the Sabin wig. I still need to find a ventilating needle& holder before I can start work on the kefka wig, but I am very happy with this lacefront thing I got from Arda. Once I modify the hairline, it's going to be awesome.

Ordering to do:

Order ear tips. >..< Keep forgetting...

Decide whether or not I'm going to order a brown bodysuit for scarmiglione, or dig up a black one and just wear that.. need cowl for mask, need a latex bald cap that I can cut up and stick to mask for rotting skin

order EL wire for glowing eyes...

Gotta at least get stuff ordered so it's here when I need it. Even though I won't be working on my 4 fiends costume much until Kefka is finished. It still kind of weirds me out that I am making a Kefka costume in the first place, but I'm strangely excited about having both an Edgar& Sabin at the same photoshoot. We should probably get on and try to find some Terras and Celes and Lockes and stuff. There's always a spandex Shadow running around that is desperate to get recognized. XD An epic FFVI group would be awesome.