February 17th, 2013


Scarmiglione of the Poison! I mean Earth! (Final Fantasy IV Four Fiends of the Elements)

I've been thinking about how I would do this costume for a while now. I've come up with a few different ways to do the body& face. The cloak is pretty easy.. just have to distress something gross looking, like burlap. The horns will be bondo over a chickenwire frame. I'll wrap it in something it can stick to, and everything will be great! It would be better if I was less lazy and just cast it all out of fiberglass, but I might be too lazy for bondo! We'll see!

I was thinking a solid brown full-body bodysuit and a foam latex facial application or a latex mask. Latex mask might be best, since I'd be able to take it off to drink, eat, spit, whatever.

Then I saw this

Oh man. Lol.

It's almost perfect. I could toss a cape over it and make some horns and lol my way to the convention... though.. I kind of wish I could just get the mask. I want to make light up eyes.

I want to do things fancy.

Though.. I have a feeling this could quite possibly be a ghetto group, so I'm unsure how much money I want to plunk down on this. I mean.. it would be completely useless to wear it solo XD

I think we need a Hobobez, too. That's Hobo Golbez, for those of you who haven't played his angst-ridden chapter of After Party.

Everyone can always use more of this

Oh hey, someone from Germany made a version about disney baddies, using the Hyadain song XD lols!