January 20th, 2013



OK... so.. I missed the show in Dallas because The Brother decided the best way to make everyone happy would be to go down and see the girlfreind. He said we'd go see the show in Houston though. Ugh. I didn't want to go to Houston! The Houston show was yesterday. We didn't go to that, either!

Last chance tonight... Austin! That's the plan, at least. After he gets off of work, we're going to drive down to Austin, have dinner at The Salt Lick, then hit the club. After that, we'll drive straight back home. He's got to work tomorrow too, but he says he's ok with it all. I was just going to tell him we shouldn't go at all if it came down to lots of driving and little sleep.

Matt said that he wouldn't be offering if he wasn't willing to do it, and just go with whatever he decides. He said that since I don't have to work, I can sleep whenever, but really? I'm more worried about stressing out the bro. The Austin solution is way better than the Houston solution was, though, so I'll go with this.

I really have no fucking clue what to wear, though. It's normally a goth club, but tomorrow is 80's night, and apparently some strange meat parade with people wearing everything from goth to steampunk to... fraternity brosef stuff? I'm going to fix up a bunch of my old stuff and see what fits well. Lots of parts of the black/blue gothic lolita thing I made are now a little loose, so I'm hoping the bodice fits. Goodness knows my boobs will fit, since they're dissappearing fast!

I had all sorts of ideas for when it was going to be at the Lizard Lounge. The Lizard Lounge is only goth one day of the week! :P This place is opposite, so I think I'll either wear something neon (if I can find something neon in my closet), or just go totally goth, or maybe gothic lolita.. argh. I don't know. I even pulled out my Machi skirt and paired it with some platforms and a corset, and it looked ok >..< I have my work cut out for me today.