November 28th, 2012


Epic Grocery Time

Ugh.. I am so dreading the store today! I have to get all the stuff we need for dinner this weekend, and it's going to be a huuuuuuuge shopping list. Don't get me wrong. I'm excited about the dinner. I'm kind of nervous, too. The dress I bought looks cute. I'm getting my hair done in about an hour, and the house is close to being ready.



I'm hoping it won't be too bad. I have a list, so I know what I need and where it is. The problem is everyone else. I hate the people that don't know WTF they are doing and clog up the isles. I just want to zip through and grab everything on my list and go. It's much better to shop at like 2AM if that's what you want to do, but I think our local HEB is no longer 24hr. So... even if I wanted to do that, it isn't an option anymore.

I'm making progress on this T-shirt quilt. I'm maybe halfway done with the top assembly. I would like to finish that today, but we'll see what happens. AFter I finish it, I still need to layer and pin everything so I can start the actual quilting part. I do not see myself finishing it in time unless I really get in THE ZONE. That magical sewing zone where you can go on for like 4 hrs and your back doesn't hurt and you get a ton done.. yeah. We'll see. If I can get the top peiced together, that will make me happy. I did sew the back together, but it hasnt' been trimmed at all yet, so it's too big. I bought a roll of pre-cut quilt batting, but it's a little too big too. I will trim that down as well. I plan on making the binding out of leftover backing material. That's the last thing to do, though. I think the quilting even happens before the binding. I have no idea. The instructions I am using are kind of vague and assume you know at least a little bit about quilting. I don't know anything about it! HAH!

So, Senpu had another vet visit on Monday. We did Xrays again and checked his blood oxygen again. Blood ox was the same as last time.. 91. That's supposed to be pretty good. We know he's getting enough.. he's just working a little harder than he should to get it. The Xrays weren't really much better than last week. It was a little dissappointing to see so little progress. It's not getting worse, though, and he seems to be a happy kitty, so there's that.

We've been talking euthanasia for a few weeks now, so it's nice that he can stay home. We did manage to clear up a little bit more of his chest cavity. Progress is really slow because we can't hit him hard with the diuretics due to the kidney failure. When I type everything out, it sounds really extreme to me. Such lengths for a cat.

However.. He's happy at home, and if we can get the fluid cleared up, he potentially has years of happy kitty life yet. He gets one prescription medication in an eyedropper x2 a day, and he has to drink pedialyte mixed with water. Just that doesn't seem that extreme to me. The vet and I have had some serious discussion about quality of life and what our goals are for Mr. Kitty, and we both agreed that if he was suffering, it wouldn't be worth it to keep this up. Since there is a small bit of hope that we can get it cleared up completely and under control, though, we'll keep going for a bit and see how he does.

I've got the OK to keep him at home until next month. We'll bring him in for more Xrays after the holidays, barring any other complications.

Overall, it's not bad news. We really wish that we'd been able to clear up the fluid in a week or two, but it looks like it's going to be long and slow. At least he's happy, though... (most of the time.) He spends the days napping, and if you come and pet him, he starts purring like crazy. He bothers me in the middle of the night, and has even been a bit of his evil self the last few days. He got THAT LOOK in his eyes and tried to bite Matt& I. I guess that means he's feeling better than before. Those of you who have met him and spent a while with him while he was younger know THAT LOOK, and are probably rightly afraid of it :P

Believe me... If I thought he was suffering, we wouldn't keep taking him in. So far, the thing he seems most upset about is having to go to the vet and take his prescriptions. We cut back one of them because he hated it so much. He takes the important one really well, though.