September 4th, 2012


Back home, but I have the con ick! (Month 6/ Week 22, -45lbs)

So... I'm back home and I have the con ick! It's such a shame, since I did so well on my feet the whole weekend! I had 2 new pairs of shoes that hadn't been broken in yet, and pair I hadn't worn for an entire day. My feet were fine! I took good care of them, and made sure I had bandaids down in the places I thought the shoes would rub. I had no problems walking to and from the con, and didn't get awful back-of-the-heel blisters that would have made walking completely awful. I think the fact that I wasn't wearing any platforms or crazy heels helped out a lot, too!

Instead, I got sick right away :X

Dragon*Con is a super crowded convention. I have mixed feelings about it. It seems like it's larger than GenCon, but it's hard to gauge how big it is because it's spread through 3+ hotels that are too small for it! I had a really difficult time with the crowds.. especially on Sat. It was really great getting to see so many freinds, though, and I think I'll leave it at that for now. This is my overdue Mon fitness post after all!

So last week was wacky, because I was gearing up for the con. I only worked out Mon-Weds, and did the bike all days instead of a P90x DVD, since I wanted maximum time to work on costumes. I did work out and watch food all week, even when I didn't want to. I got everything finished, and packed lots of healthy snacks for the con. Thurs-Sun ended the fitness week, and the con activites have encroached upon this week as well. I am not sure how this week will go. I feel very nervous about it.

Basically, though, I left for the con at exactly 205.0, and returned at 205.8. Not bad for no regular exercise and questionable food choices for 5 days straight! I got a TON of walking in, and I estimate that I walked somewhere between 5-10 miles over the course of the convention. I tracked food to the best of my ability, and really only went over maintenance levels on one day. I am probably a bit dehydrated, so it may take the rest of this week for things to stabilize. I am hoping to hit the -50lb mark by Nov.

Still.. coming back after being gone so long.. seeing myself in photos. It feels like I havent gotten anywhere with all this. The numbers don't lie, and it shows how hard I've worked, but I am having a really hard time seeing it. All I see is how much left I have to go, and I probably won't be happy with that, either. If I can beat this personal challenge by April.. I'm still not done. I'll still have at least 10lbs or so to cut to get to a more ideal weight for my frame. I'm never going to be a waif. Even growing up, I had a good figure, but I was a little bit larger than the others. But, I am proportionate, so if I can get down to a normal range, I think I can look good. We'll see. Right now, it's hard not to see the imperfections. I don't know if I was really ready to make new costumes yet. It's one of those "This is how I think I look/ This is how I REALLY look" kinds of things. I thought I looked awesome until I saw the photos, then I just felt dissappointed.

I still have so much work to do, and I'm really afraid of how hard it will be for me to get back into the swing of things now that I am back home. Today would have been my first workout day here back at home, but I feel totally gross, so I'm taking at least one sick day. I coughed up a bunch of bloody mucus, so I feel ok with taking the day off :P We'll see how things go tomorrow.
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