June 6th, 2012


?? How did I manage that ??

Somehow, I managed to chip a tooth yesterday. It was one of the front bottom ones, but thankfully it wasn't a huge chip. I ended up having to go to the dentist ASAP to get it taken care of, though, because it was really sharp! The dentist ground it down so it wasn't pointy anymore, and you really don't notice that a chunk broke off. yay~!

I also found out that my phone isn't actually broken. The reason why it was having problems charging was because of the plug part that goes into the wall. The micro USB cable is fine, and we just had to change out that plug adapter, and everything works well now.

I bought some more wet food for the cats. We are slowly trying all the flavors to see if there is one that drives Senpu bonkers and makes him eat tons. I can tell you now that he hated what I gave him yesterday/today! He ate it yesterday, but he wouldn't eat the leftovers today. Instead, he ate all of Nugget's food. She tried to eat, but he wouldn't budge, and she was intimidated and ran off! Go Senpu! But next time, please eat your food!

I'm taking Senpu in to the vet on Friday for another round of follow up blood work. If nothing has changed from last time, I'm going to request that we don't do bloodwork again for like 6 months. He gets so stressed out, and I don't want to keep bringing him down there, yo!

I also had a horrible migrane this morning XP Nausea, eye pain, weird colors.. the whole works. The only think I didn't have this time was the weird, pixelated, blurry squiggly line in my vision. The last time that happened, I freaked the hell out. I forced down a little bit of breakfast and blobbed around the house feeling gross for a while. Finally, I forced myself on the bike, and it helped with the migrane a bit. I can still feel it, but it's nowhere near as bad, and I can almost ignore the pain that's left. Yay!

Today, I hope to get some dishes done, and maybe start Atelier Meruru. I don't know. It's hard to decide what to do when Diablo calls
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