May 7th, 2012

Arshtat determined

Month 2, Week 1 Start!

Month 1 recap: I did not miss a day of exercise! Some weeks, I did more weights than others, so I'll have to make a better effort of working the weights into the evenings more consistantly. The reason why I split weights& cardio up now is because I read that you get the maximum metabolic benefit from working out for something like 12 hours. After that, it peters off. The suggestion was to work out twice a day, so that you keep the metabolism going all the time. I have to admit that I seemed to have the most lost on the mornings after weight days. I can't do weights every day, though, because I need to give them a day to rest. I am eager to reach the endpoint in this journey, but I don't want to hurt myself.

So, results?

Over the course of the first month, my goal was to lose about 1-2 pounds per week. That is a healthy and doable number. I actually ended up losing more than that, though. I should have been at about 8 pounds lost for month one, but I lost 15! I really did get that nice number I was looking for. Last week, I was dithering up and down 3 pounds on the scale, even though I was doing everything right. I know part of that was because my cheat day on saturday ended up being a disaster. The other part is that.. from what I've read of other people who have done the same thing... it's never straight down. One girl described it as a roller coaster. You lose a bit, then things slow to a crawl and you start to go up a little bit.. then suddenly one morning you've lost more XD Yeah.. I felt that was pretty accurate.

I've also lost inches on my legs, even though I can't see them. I didn't bother to take measurement before I started all this. I guess I should have taken underwear "before" pictures for my own benefit, and measured stuff. My jeans are fitting a little more loosely in the thighs, which is wonderful news. I don't think I've lost enough for it to be visibly noticable yet, but at the end of next month, it should be. Until then, I have little BIG things, like the way my boots are fitting now. Damn it.. why is it too warm for boots now?!!? T..T

Eventually, I'd like to buy a nice pair of cowboy boots. I'm in Texas! I should own a pair! Before, though, I just always figured they'd never fit me. Especially the super cute women's boots that are out there. Now, I feel like some day I'll be able to buy any pair I want.

Sadly, once I slog through this month, I'll be at where I was 2 years ago or so.. so people who haven't seen me in person in a long time won't notice anything XD lol

Still, I'm not giving up. I still feel really motivated. I know that people who have a lot to lose usually lose a lot to start with. Eventually, things will slow down. When that happens, I'll have to remind myself that as long as I'm doing 4-8 lbs a month, I'm doing really well. I'll need support so I can remember that it's ok to plateau. I have plans for that. I'm already eating at about 1400 cal, and I don't feel comfortable dropping that quite yet. But once I hit a big plataeu, it will be time to bump my cardio up from 30 min to 45 min. I expect that to happen in probably another 3 months or so. Maybe I'll get lucky, and the plateau won't happen for 4 or 5. But still, I have a plan.

As long as I stick to the plan, I feel like I can do this. 100 pounds in a year.
I mean.. I finished college. I wrote a novel. Surely I can do this.

Well, it's about time to feed the cats, then myself. I'll let breakfast settle for a little bit, then it's time to sweat :)
Man, I still can't believe I've done this every morning, 6 days a week, for the last month without whining about how I want to quit. I woke up one morning and just wasn't feeling it.. but that was the day I tried my boots on. You'd better believe I hopped on the bike after that! Here's to another successful week!
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