September 25th, 2011



I swear I am going to have a nervous breakdown today.

I have 2 tickets to see Erasure tonight at the House of Blues in Dallas. I bought the second ticket for a freind who is a fan. She was going to do the driving. Her check engine light came on yesterday and she doesn't want to risk missing work tomorrow, so I told her I would drive. I started feeling sick last night thinking about having to drive up through Dallas traffic. Butterflies in the stomach and paranoia and general nervousness and all of that.

Today she calls me and tells me she is sick. She doesn't know that she'll be able to make it tonight.

Double UGH.

I'm not missing this concert. I've been sitting on these tickets since like.. July.. I've been so excited for the concert. Not to mention the tickets wern't exactly dirt cheap and if I didn't go at all, I'd be out a nice chunk of cash. We're not talking Lady Gaga expensive, but much more expensive than sitting-on-the-grass-at-the-smirnoff-for 28-bucks expensive.

So now it's gone from going to a concert with a freind to me driving up to Dallas all by myself with only the GPS on my ipad to keep me company while I have a nervous breakdown on the highway just so I can scalp one of my tickets and stand by myself at a concert. I went from looking forward to this for months to absolutely dreading it. Matt won't go with me because he doesn't like the music. Besides. His dumb ass is on hangover day 2. I found vomit in my trash can today. VOMIT.

T..T I want to cry.

She says she'll call me back if she's feeling better later and can make it, but I honestly don't think she will/can/etc.

I am absolutely terrified of doing the Waco-Dallas drive. (Less so Waco-Austin, but whatever)

I guess I'll call my brother and see... He's definitely not a fan but I think if he wasn't working, he'd do me a solid and come with.
Edit: Bro is working late tonight. He would totally go if he was off. He'd drop everything and drive right up here for me if he could. My brother is awesome T..T I jokingly said he should see if he can take off at 2pm for a family emergency :P While we both thought that was an awesome idea, common sense won out.

Why don't I have more freinds in town that like my fruity 80's synth-pop? >..< Why don't I have more freinds? Ugh. I suck
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