May 28th, 2011


Oh, I guess I forgot to mention...

But Bill& Ted's Excellent Adventure was on Comedy Central yesterday XD Which one of you works at Comedy Central? :X

Oh yeah, and for those that arn't on my twitter, don't care about twitter, or whatever...

Did anyone else see the commercial for the mega "NKOTBSB" concert???? WTF?!?!? It's New Kids on the Block together with the Backstreet Boys in some mega boyband and they're.. together... in like some wacky super group.. playing both the group's hits together. And they're going on tour that way this summer! It blows my mind. I haven't looked up any info on it, but I suppose it's New Kids minus Walburgs + whoever didn't bust out and get super famous from the Backstreet Boys. It makes sense! When you lose one or two members to megastardom via rap carreers, movie carreers, or being Justin Timberlake. (or was that NSync? I mean seriously.. fuck if I know) Actually.. why didn't they just toss a bunch of nsync guys in there too??? It would only make sense.

But really.. this kind of blows my mind. It's so bizzare yet so perfect. I don't think they could do that with any major rock groups, though. Most of them had crazy drummers that died in weird ways. I suppose Ringo Starr could just go play with the rock megaband. I think he's immortal, like the highlander.

I'm also going to Scarborough tomorrow. I've been working pretty hard the past few months at.. working out and stuff. I'm reigned in my food a bit, but I haven't really lost any weight yet, (more food problems, I can only assume.. just going to keep trying) so I was really nervous about trying on my renfaire clothes. I felt like a hot mess when I finally got the top laced up. I didn't think it was pretty, but Matt said I looked really good. Everything laced up, so there's that XP If Pendragon costumes has anything in stock in my size, I think I'll buy a new chemise tomorrow. I don't like the one I made. I was going to buy one last year, but they were out. That will probably be the case tomorrow, too, since we're going the last weekend it's open. I could probably just make another, and better quality, but I seriously haven't felt like sewing in ages. I mean.. the one I have now was based on some scottish highlander costume, and I made it with scraps. The sleeves are great, but the top is way too short and is hard to tuck in properly and there's a seam on the back because I didn't have enough yardage for one back peice, and the chemise probably should have been wider so that I'd have a more gathered top making it easier to slide down the shoulders and blahblahblah. It's ok, it's wearable, etcetc.

Last year I did look at getting some hot renfaire boots, but anything for me would have to be custom made for my garganutan calves, and cost like 600 bucks. They would have been really nice, but I don't go to the renfaire every weekend it's open every year! I wouldn't get that much wear out of it. I've been thinking about making some super ghetto boot covers for my running shoes, so I'd have the best of both worlds: Non-blistery feet and something that looks a little renfairy. But again! EFFORT

I found all the peices of the crap outfit I normally wear, but I felt a little lazy and considered just going in jeans& a T-shirt, leaving Tania to be the only one dressed up. I guess we'll see how fancy I feel tomorrow :X

Matt made breakfast this morning, and it was awesome. Blueberry and strawberry pancakes. I told him the blueberries I bought were really good, and we should do pancakes, but I was really surprised that he took the extra time to slice some fresh strawberries up and put them in there too. Now I'm trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I have rice, chicken, panko, and katsu sauce. I think I should try making chicken katsu.. because I loves the katsu, yo! I don't know if Matt would like it though. If he ate it plain without the sauce, he'd just be dissappointed by how flavorless and unexciting the chicken parm was. I could make chicken parm... but I have katsu sauce I've never opened! I don't really have much in way of fresh veggies, either, so I don't have a lot of options for the chicken. I looked online for recipies, and they all require ingredients I don't have, or they involve cooking the chicken in combinations of condiments that sound absolutely disgusting.

I should call it Nascar cooking. You're basically making somthing fast with somthing cheap and turning it into somthing that tastes fast and cheap to feed to picky children. It always involves at least one of the following: Some kind of jelly, katsup, mustard, mayo, or condensed soup. I do love to take cream of mushroom soup and cook down some chicken with wine and toss it together on rice. It's really easy, but it's not what I think of when I think of "cooking" Chicken katsu sounds more like cooking. Too bad Matt doesn't like curry. I could heat up a packet of curry sauce and make some omurice with chicken katsu on top. It sound awfully good the more I think about it...

There's absolutely no way he would eat that... He refuses curry, flat out. He won't even try it. I only buy super mild, so it's sweet and flavorful and awesome, but he thinks it smells disgusting and is afraid to even give it a shot. If I begged him to try a bite to save my life from terrorists, I don't think he would.

Ugh. Now I'm just getting hungry for things I know he won't eat. Maybe I should make it all anyway and tell him if he doesn't like it, he can have the leftover hamburger helper from last week that's still in the fridge -..-
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Somewhere under that chicken katsu, once existed omurice. You cannot see it under all that awesome, though. Everything took long enough to prepare that I was too lazy to make fried rice with the rice I cooked, just to put in the omlette, so I just put steamed rice in there and covered it with a packet of curry sauce. I love those single-serving pouches of House curry! And then the chicken katsu on the top.. man.. I am good at making that, seriously. The bulldog sauce on top really gave it that extra bit of awesome, though. IT WAS SO GOOD!

Chicken Katsu Omurice Chicken Katsu Omurice

P.S: Matt had the chicken on top of rice. No curry sauce, no omlette... sauce on the side. He said it was very good! yay! I'm glad I didn't have to coldly tell him to go eat leftovers. :X I would have had to eat his chicken katsu.. oh no!
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