April 12th, 2011


New glasses!

They are cute, and I am excited about it. There's just one problem. They're sunglasses XD When the order for the lenses went in, they were accidentally ordered tinted. I didn't want tinted, since I wanted regular everyday glasses. I had a hard time picking out new frames because I loved my old frames so much... But the new glasses look kickass. Solution? Keep badass looking prescription sunglasses, order new lenses for old frames. It's going to cost a little more, but it's win-win, srsly. I've always wanted a pair of prescription sunglasses, but when you have to pick between new regular glasses or contacts every year to see normally, there's not enough insurance money to get new glasses AND new sunglasses.

The insurance kind of hosed us over this year anyway and didn't pay out much at all, so at this point, it's like... Well, I have sunglasses now. I'll just pop some new lenses in the old frames. :X I've kind of chewed the legs of the frames all to hell, but they're still sturdy and look ok. Did I mention that the cat fails at wearing glasses?

Sunglasses fail

I also tried the weird Frito Lay Takoyaki puff snacks I ordered from J-list weeks ago. I was kind of afraind to try them since the horrible experience I had with Tuna Mayo Doritos. When I opened the bag, though, it smelled exactly like that otafuku okonomiyaki sauce. It both impressed and disturbed me. They didn't taste bad, though! Subsequent gassy expulsions by mouth have been very unpleasant tasting, however. Extended use of breathmints required.
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