April 9th, 2011


Penn& Teller

We saw Penn& Teller in Austin on Thurs, and it was pretty cool. When they first advertised the tickets, we jumped on them, assuming it was going to be one of their shows. I was mildly dissappointed when two weeks before the event, they were advertising it as an interview& Q&A session. I think someone else was a little dissappointed, too, because an ass jumped up in the middle and heckled them, then left. I wasn't that dissappointed, sheesh. They did do a few tricks, but what they talked about was really insightful and cool. It was basically a rough history of their careers and things that influenced them and ways they've influenced others. We got to hear Teller talk. That was the most shocking thing. XD

While we were down in Austin, we saw Sucker Punch at the drafthouse. I'm really not sure why everyone was complaining about the lack of plot or how shitty it was. It had a simple plot, and it worked it's way through the story one bullet point at a time. It was very pretty and had an exciting soundtrack. I was expecting pretty with a soundtrack and a plot like the wizard of oz, and that's what it was. I got what I paid for.. I'm not sure what all these other people thought they were paying for.

We also hit up a huge asian market with a really crappy selection of Japanese stuff, so I wasn't able to pick up more curry.. but I got a new collander for washing rice. You can't get things with close enough mesh at HEB. I had a plastic one, but it broke apart not too long ago. This new one is wire/metal, so I hope it will last a lot longer. I also picked up a bamboo& wire scoop strainer. It's great for fishing things out of boiling water. I didn't go nuts on the snacks, which is awesome. I picked up a tsubu tsubu strawberry pocky, and two packs of the tsubu tsubu orange hi-chew. AFter that, we found an exciting Indian grocery store where I picked up a can of garam masala spice, and some masala tea powder. Both are exciting things I can't seem to find in town. I should have looked for packages of Indian soup.. I read that you can get pouches of single-serve that you heat in boiling water like those curry pouches I like. I forgot to look :X

I'm still working out x3 times a week. Yesterday I did 30 min on the bike, up from 20. I was a soggy mess afterwards, but I'm going to try to keep pushing it. I'm making a little more progress on the weights, too, and getting closer to what I was doing before I royally crapped out and failed at life 2 years ago. I'm... not losing any weight at all. My food is out of control again. To be brutally honest, I'm becoming increasingly depressed about it. I'm sure some of the depression is due to actual physical fat retaining hormones and screwing things up. The rest is just my sad desperation to try to stop eating all the damned time. I'm working on it. It's a losing battle. But there you go. That's life. I'm just always hungry. I ask Matt "Do you want dinner?" and he says " I dunno.. if you're hungry you can fix somthing." But I'm like.. "NO. ARE YOU HUNGRY???" Mostly because.. I can always eat. -..- Am I hungry? I don't know. But put somthing in front of me and I'll eat. When I'm done eating, I'll want to eat more. And after that, some more until I feel bloated. Then I'm ok for an hour.. and it's time to get bloated again. WTF stomach, I don't even understand you anymore XP You and I both know we don't need that much food, but you think you do!

Every time I ride on an airplane, or sit in the cramped seats in the paramount, it makes it worse. This morning I broke a toilet seat sitting down, and I wanted to just collapse in tears when I had to tell Matt we needed to go get another. I should totally pick up crystal meth. Who needs teeth, right? -..-

Did I mention we got a new fridge? I'm not losing freezer food to ice crystals and freezer burn two weeks after purchase anymore. It's magical. Most of what is in my freezer are kashi frozen meals (they make good lunches, they are low calorie, filling, and healthy if you don't look at the sodium content) and steamer bags of veggies. There was some pistachio gelato, but I ate it. It was tasty. I shouldn't have bought it that way I wouldn't have eaten it, but there you go. I sabotage myself. Rather, my stomach sabotages me. The will of my gut is so much stronger than any willpower I'm hiding anywhere else :O

I finished Dragon Age II for PC a while back and was working on a second playthrough, but got kind of bored with it. I'm plugging away at Dissidia 2 on PSP, trying to unlock all the reports, etc. I totally forgot that the local Gamestop was going to get me a copy of Radiant Historia.. so they have probably sold it to someone else already XP It's been like almost 2 weeks. I forgot to check back with them. Whoops!

In other news, I think my optometrist went out of business without telling us. We already put the bill through insurance. We haven't paid for anything yet, but we haven't been able to get our glasses. I'm bummeed x2 about that because I was really excited about my cute new frames.. and the optomotrist has been a freind of Matt's for years and years now. He's been going to him for ages now.. and I've been seeing him ever since I was put on Matt's insurance. I'm going to try to call the office again on Monday and cross my fingers. The whole situation is shitty for everyone. I would love to go pay for the glasses and pick them up, though. That seems win-win for everyone.

Speaking of Monday (wow, I am just going on and on today...) I was selected for jury duty. I was supposed to go last Monday, but I was worried about getting picked and having it get in the way of our Austin trip on Thurs, so I asked for them to postpone it until this week. When I called the juror hotline, though, they said exemptions and postponements didn't have to come in. I guess I got out of that easy this time? I don't know if I'll get another card soon for another day, or what. My juror number became invalid as soon as I requested the postponement, and they said I only needed to come in if the juror line was calling for all available jurors. Am I still an available juror after this week? Who knows! For now, I'll just sleep in, since I know they don't need me this week >..>
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