January 3rd, 2011


My wedding ring will be gone for most of the month ;(

I whacked my hand really hard against the tile corner of the wall around the tub the other morning. It didn't hurt me at all, but my ring looks a little lopsided.... -..- Closer inspection shows the setting of the large stone in the center slightly bent towards one of the brackets to the side.. and the small middle stone pushed up a little bit.

The way it's bent, I think it would sit fine for a while, but we have a lifetime warranty on it or somthing. There's no reason to keep wearing it like that and rist losing a stone, when it's covered by a warranty plan. They'll fix it no problem, but they said it wouldn't be back until Jan. 20th at the earliest. I'm wearing the emerald ring Matt used to propose to me in the meantime, but I'm sad the band will be gone for a while :(

Also: BUNNY HOARDERS! Omg... Tonight's new episode had a really confrontational angry man who let bunnies take over his house. He did not have any sort of hutch for them. He confined them to the laundry room, where they proceeded to chew through the walls and make little bunny paths through the entire house. It was amazing. The whole place was covered in 3 feet of feces. AND THEY WERE RENTING. OMG.

There were so many bunnies! Some animal group came to help and remove them. Somewhere just under 30 bunnies were removed, and they were all in good help except for one, who had been fighting over the wimminz. It was cute and disgusting at the same time. It's the year of the rabbit!