December 29th, 2010


Happy Holidays everyone!

I haven't had much to post lately, but our holidays were quiet, uneventful, and overall pleasant.

From the sounds of things, everyone enjoyed their gifts, except for the people I've been too lazy to mail them to.. haha. And everything I received was amazing!

Matt gave me some awesome presents this year. I got them all early, but he did save two things for me to unwrap on christmas day. From him, I received the trip to LA earlier this month to see LunaSea. He also gave me a new computer (early too.. haha)

The gift he had for me to open on Christmas was... Rockband 3 for PS3! YES! He gave me the game and a wireless guitar. I think my mics from karaoke revolution will work. We'll have to order a drum set later. I'm excited to download some JoCo and some Gaga and pick up the green day only one. It'll be awesome :O

I have a bad habit of buying little anime trinkets at cons. They are my weakness. Metal& enamel zipper pulls, phone straps, etc. I use them all, too! Eventually the straps wear out before the little metal bits, though.. so I'm slowly getting a pretty big collection of broken peices. The metal bits last forever, though, so I was thinking about getting an empty charm bracelet and some jump rings and making an anime-themed charm bracelet with all these peices. I have to figure out where I can get a nice, big, loose charm link bracelet so I can add all these things on there, though. There's some bleach, naruto, full metal alchemist, slayers, final fantasy, XXXHolic, Tsubaa, Disgaea, etc. LOTS. melange et charm bracelet. Whatever. hah

Anyway, I think it would be a pretty easy project for somthing fun I would wear fairly often.. and I probably wouldn't be able to stop staring at it since it would have so much going on :P

I have been having all sorts of culinary adventures lately too. I made potato croquettes, chicken cordon bleu, and some weird cheesey broccoli chicken rice casserole. I'm getting good at using leftovers, yo! The croquettes and the cordon bleu were both made using christmas dinner leftovers.
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