October 8th, 2010


Stinky LUSH

I've been trying cuticle oils and all sorts of wacky shit to try and keep my nails from cracking and chipping. Now that I don't bite them anymore I'm noticing it's so hard to grow them out. I don't have a ton of problems with my cuticles, I THINK... but maybe cuticle health is not so great, and it's one of the reasons the nails chip and flake and peel and do all sorts of other horrid things that make me clip them shorter.

I ordered this stuff online from LUSH called Lemony Flutter. It's a cuticle butter that is supposed to be amazing for nail health. I've read a bajillion positive reviews all over the web for this stuff. After about two weeks of once-daily use, nails are supposed to be amazingly healthier, blah blah blah.

After trying so many other things and getting frustrated, I figured "Why not?"

I'll let you guys know how it goes in two weeks, but for now, this stuff stinks to high heaven, looks and feels gross, and has made me very greasy. Maybe that means it's working? :P

All the reviews talk about how it smells like fresh lemons, but mine smells more like lemon pledge and rubber. Maybe I got a defective tub :P The interenets also say it should be a thick yellow butter and mine is runny and yellowy-green XD I blame shipping from Canada to Texas. We'll see if it sets up overnight. It could just be weird from shipping.

I also bought 3 shower bombs because they seemed like fun.. and a bar of shampoo. Solid shampoos are mystifying to me! so I thought I'd try one out. I dont' know if it's going to get any use anytime soon, though, because I just colored my hair today XD

Since LUSH is like.. wacky hippie shit, the shampoos seem to have henna or somthing in them, and my hair dye packaging specifically said not to use it with henna products. I don't know if that meant not to use it on henna-treated hair, not to use it in conjunction with henna, not to use henna products in the hair after dyeing, all of the above, or none of the above. So.. I'll give it a few weeks before I play with the shampoo bar.

I'm sad that I had to say goodbye to my purple streaks, though. It was just getting to be a pain to keep up with it, and I've wrecked large parts of my bathroom with dye that doesn't seem to want to come out XD I decided that since the streaks had grown out about half the length of my current hair, I'd just color over everything in a shade that was close to my natural color. I went with a Feria color that was somthing like "chocolate raspberry" and looked maroony purply brown on the packaging. It's not really what I got, though.

I have a dark auburn with coppery highlights. It's ok I guess. I doesn't look bad, but it's not what I was hoping for. I'm so sad that you can't get that clairol hydriance in that purple red anymore. I loved that shade!