June 3rd, 2010

Argilla fav

Today's my last day for sewing!

Photos here zomg
Almost done!
Boot detail

My To-Do list is much, MUCH shorter now. Yay! As long as I finish the choker, I don't really care if I get the rest done or not. What I perceive as the major points of the costume are done. The undergarments are finished. The tunic is 100% done with all details and closures... same with the boot covers. The belt is mostly finished. It has all the designs sewn on, D-rings and straps to hold the butt-book (which it does, perfectly), and it has snap closures in the back. I could add 2 or so more D-rings to hang stuff off of, but I wasn't able to find a mini mechanical egg timer, or a notebook that looks quite like the one in her pocket, so I'm going to improvise there. I also have not made the bow for the back of the belt yet. It's going to take a lot more work, and probably more bias tape than I have, so if I don't get around to it.. whatevs :X I also have to cover this other notebook I bought with red bottomweight. I don't know if I'll get around to that or not, either. I mean, I made a huge butt-book. What more do people want?

I'm about halfway done with the choker. It's going to be super ghetto. If I had a little more foreseight, I could have made it like how I made Arshtat's crown, and it would have looked better.. but multiple stacking layers of craft foam and stiffened felt are what you get at 10pm at night. The paint should be dry now, so I can glue the gem on and edge/detail it with some yellow puff paint. Then, I need to figure out what to use for the actual choker part. That should be easy enough to finish today.

If I get that done and still have time after I run my errands, I'll work on the belt bow and the bookcover, maybe. If I make it to the fabric store and buy more D-rings, I'll add those to the belt too.

The world should just be thrilled that I have proper closures on everything, and nothing is going to be safety-pinned shut.. hahaha. Well, I take that back. I don't have a garter belt, so I'm probably going to have to safety pin the long red bootcover to my pants to keep it up. There's a wide elastic band at top, but it does nuffink!

Anyway.. photos of the whole thing at the con, more than likely!

~sew lots of tabs and add lots of D-rings to the belt to attach props (out of D rings lawl)
~Make red/black book cover for prop journal
~Style wig
~Make gold choker with red gem
~add red ribbon ties to tunic
~make fake bow for the back of belt
~paint outside of goggles white