June 1st, 2010

Arshtat determined

Productivity ho?

Yesterday I managed to accomplish what I wanted. I got the white stripe applique'd on. I also installed the zipper and hemmed the armpits. Apparently I had forgotten to do that! Since I had the white added on, I was able to hem the bottom of the tunic. In a spurt of massive productivity, I also got the zipper installed, and hand-tacked the bottom beneath the zipper together. I wish you could get an invisible separating zipper, but it is an impossibility :/

So tomorrow.. Pockets! I may skip the red ties to get the belt and bootcovers on. I haven't figured out quite how I want to do them yet, so I'll procrastinate on them while working on somthing else. I would at least like to get the pockets done, though, and get the belt cut out. I'll probably procrastinate on installing the hook& eye closures, but that's ok so long as I get the rest of it peiced out and finished. I have a ton of errands to run tomorrow, so I doubt I'll be able to get much more than that finished. I'll need to accelerate my productivity if I'm going to get everything ready by the con, though XP I basically only have Tues/Weds/Thurs now. So top/belt/bookstraps get done tomorrow, bootcovers get finished on Weds, costume repairs on Thurs, style my wig at the con? Gah. It'll be a miracle if everything is finished.

I wasn't able to take pictures yesterday because my whole sewing area is currently filled with trash :X We got a new TV!

For those of you who have been to the house before, you can understand why this is exciting. Sure, they huge projection screen was cool and all, but there were cords running all over the damned living room. We had to have runner rugs up everywhere to keep people from tripping on cords. There were way too many cords to hide with those vinyl consealer strips. Since systems have finally caught up to gamecube Wavebird technology, we don't have to have the systems in the middle of the room anymore! By having all the next-gen systems in our living room, we've been able to get rid of the cords going to the middle. The new TV has enough hookups between component/HDMI to plug everything straight into the TV from a stand. Having a new flat panel means a lighter TV, and the ability to put a stand underneath and get rid of the tower across from it. Basically, the only cables we have running around the room now are the speaker cables! The stuff running across the hallway door is gone, and the stuff running from the middle of the room under the TV is gone! I am so excited.

It's such a massive acheivement that I took pictures of the doorway :P I've just been too lazy to upload them. BUT NO WIRES! (for now)

We haven't hooked up the speakers yet because Matt wants to get new cords for some of them. We'll get an extra long set of cords to go to the TV, that way we can run them around the door frame and keep the hallway clear. This should make it way easier to clean up, since I won't have to take the nozzel of the vaccum to so many small nooks and crannies. It'll still end up looking like hell behind the TV, but with less overall cord mess, it'll still be easier to clean than before. I'll also be able to run the roomba with less of a chance of it getting stuck somewhere :X
Argilla (white background)

Today's progress... isn't entirely photo documented D:

I finished everything on the tunic except for the little red ties. I'll have to try to get those done tomorrow. I finished the body of the belt today, too. I'm in the process of hand-sewing the snaps on the back. After that, I have to put a bunch of D-rings on it, and make a fake bow/tie in the back.

Tomorrow has to be boot covers. I absolutely need to get all the major garments of this costume done by tomorrow, so I can spend thurs. repairing old costumes, putting finishing touches on stuff, and packing. So far, though, I've been meeting my work goals for the day, despite having to run tons of errands, cook, and clean. I'm awesome.

I posted two old in-progress pictures on cosplay.com tonight, too

Underwear done!
Before I got more work on the belt done

~sew lots of tabs and add lots of D-rings to the belt to attach props (out of D rings lawl)
~Make red/black book cover for prop journal
~Style wig
~Make gold choker with red gem
~add red ribbon ties to tunic
~make fake bow for the back of belt
~Add red straps w/ belt buckles to black bookcover
~Elastic in sleeves
~Add some black material to sleeve caps and re-sew sleeves.. QQ
~Yellow ribbon around right sleeve
~Make black right bootcover
~Make red left thigh-high bootcover with yellow stripes
~Sew red jacket
~Add blocking to jacket
~Make 3 yellow pockets for jacket
~Sew wide belt and add design to it
~Make a gigantic brown ass-book prop
~Make ass-book straps

Crap in a hat.. I keep forgetting to make the choker!

Oh.. and check this out.. we don't have just one or two baby foxes.. We have FIVE! They were all out playing on the deck today and they were freakin' adorable. They always hide as soon as I get the camera out, though. Boo.

Damn, I'm exhausted.